Friday, October 25, 2013

Vintage Trick or Treat

I know there are only 6 days left until
but really,
I'm on the right track.

I've been working on this
 since the beginning of June.

And this week,
I was finally able to trim and sew the embroidery blocks

This is the most nerve wrecking part,
 trimming those blocks to the correct size
without making a mistake.

I checked and rechecked the measurements.
I couldn't bare the thought of having
to redo one of these blocks.

I always have to adjust the size a little bit
to have it fit together.
Do you?

Finally, added the borders.
The bright orange bubble fabric
sure added to the whimsy factor.
I like it.

I want to add some black rick rack over the seam
between the center and the border fabric.
Can you believe,
there is no 3/4" wide cotton black wick wack
in Northern Colorado?

As you can see, there's still
plenty to do,
but all that will happen after it's quilted.
after Halloween,
right on track!
Until Next time-


  1. How adorable. The rick rack will be a perfect addition. Glad to see you having some fun in your new sewing space.

  2. This is so cute!
    For me, finishing a holiday quilt after the holiday is the norm. I prefer to think of it as being ahead for next year!
    Do you want me to look for rick-rack here? I know a store that has a bunch!

  3. So fun - the fabrics you have chosen are perfect - and what's not to love about Crabapple Hill!! Sometimes just working on a seasonal quilt during that season brings satisfaction enough and anticipation that it will be ready next year.

  4. So cute! Love the vintage look to the embroidery. Very sweet.:)

  5. Awesome Halloween quilt! I love the bold orange border. Your embroidery is wonderful -

  6. p.s. it is a great vintagy pattern

  7. Great fabric choices and love your future plans for the quilt

  8. Oh wow, what an amazing project, and worth every minute of your time. Congratulations, I'm in love with your quilt!

  9. That is so adorable! The border fabric is perfect.

  10. This quilt is so detailed and darling! All of that stitchery work is wonderful!
    Congratulations on an awesome finish!

  11. What a awesome quilt ! Congrats on a great finish !

  12. What a fun post! I remember all of those dances! Your quilt is wonderful! I hold my breath when I trim my stitched blocks, too. Your work is excellent!