Thursday, April 18, 2013

Over One Hill and Then Another

Last weekend Running Man did
just that, a lot of running.
To get to the starting line,
we had to cross over this,

go past a lot of these,

and ended up here
Lake Sonoma.

The weather was ideal and the 
race began at a decent time

At the sound of the gun these
dedicated athletes were off
to test themselves and their endurance 
for a 50  mile race over
one hill and then another,
 along trails wide enough for a single runner,
splashing through streams,
and trying to run as fast as you're physically able.

As Running Man's crew, I was 
responsible for keeping him supplied with 
whatever he needed to keep going
which is basically, Ensure,
water with electrolites added,
and an occassional slug of Red Bull!

I also did a lot of waiting.
There was about 10 miles between 
crewing points and that meant traveling from 
one spot to another and then waiting and watching

for Running Man to appear along the trail.

He had a good race, 
which means no physicaly problems,
with feet, stomach, legs
and also a good mental race,
keeping focused,
staying positive and
enjoying the experieince.

It's always a relief when I see him
getting near the finish line.
He's done it!

Great job!
And look, he's still smiling.

What's coming up next?
The Vermont 100.
Until Next Time-


    Congratulations to Running Man!
    What beautiful scenery for you to be taking in while you waited for him!

  2. What makes Running Man want to do such long races?

  3. Congrats to Running Man. Hugs

  4. Wow Kyle - what an accomplishment! Please tell him how impresses all your blog friends are! Hope you had fun too!

  5. Congrats to the RM!! He is a machine! I started my spring running program. I go about nothing miles an hour with my dog stopping frequently.
    Beautiful photos of California!

  6. Congratulations to Running Man and his crew!! Looks like the weather was perfect!
    Vermont 100? Yikes!