Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Still Transitioning

Back in February when I started
working on the wool project

"Folk Art Album"
by Primitive Gatherings
it was suppose to be a quick transition project 
from winter to spring.

But I had forgotten several things.
1.  cutting and fusing small pieces of wool can take
a lot of time.

2. I'm a fast  button holer and even with 
my secret elf's help, all those small
pieces have taken a lot of time to stitch around.

3.  Then the blocks needed to be sewn together

 with the pieced lattice.

4.  When the borders are intricate wool applique pieces,
they take as much time as the blocks.

The only saving grace is that
winter has clung on here in Colorado.
Last weeks snow accomulation was
over 15 inches.

Our elusive spring has thankfully given me more
transition time.
So I'll keep on stitching.
Until Next Time-


  1. Can't believe are still getting snow! unreal.
    The wool project is so beautiful and worth the time. Just lovely

  2. Take your time and enjoy this creation, it's turning out beautifully! And, there's always next spring if this one doesn't show up!

  3. That is such a beautiful quilt, but having just finished a little P.G. wool applique quilt with HST borders, I understand what you are dealing with. And I just got an order from P.G. today--more wool applique patterns. I'm a glutton for punishment!
    This will be something to be very proud of when you have it completed! Just gorgeous!

  4. This a really pretty quilt and it does have a lot of little pieces. You have done a lovely job.

  5. This quilt is coming along so beautifully!
    All that detail is so time consuming but definitely worth the end result.
    Happy Quilting!