Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Spring in His Step

Another course,
another 50 miles,
another crazy day of crewing.

Running Man has been training
for his next ultramarathon,
The Lake Sonoma 50,
"one rugged race".

It looks like a beautiful place for a "little run".
The course is around and near Lake Sonoma
 which is near Healdsburg, CA.

The course is 25 miles out and 
25 miles back.
The course record is 
6 hours and 17 minutes.

 That would hardly give me
time to get my needles and thread out.
So I'm hoping Running Man will be 
more considerate
and run a little slower so 
I can enjoy the springtime weather and 
work on my latest handwork.

He's got a lot of spring in his step,
so it may not take him long.

Until Next Time-


  1. I think your Running Man is Awesome!
    Best wishes to him on the big 50 run. (impressive)

    P.S. I also get more done when hubby is out jogging, golfing or just plain OUT. ;)

  2. Good luck to Running Man. Hugs