Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Spring Time

I love when my family
is able to all come home and 
spend time together, relaxing and playing.

The Easter weekend had
the perfect Colorado weather.

We spent some time at "The Farm"
looking at the animals.

New spring lambs

Playing on old farm equipment.

And just hanging out.

We tried bunny ears,
but no one wanted them on

 for very long.

A few family photos 

Some angelic

Some real life.

 Even though our special day is over,
spring is now in the air and
we have memories that will last for a long time.
Happy spring time.

Until Next Time-


  1. Aren't they precious? That last photo speaks volumes! : )

  2. These are all such sweet pics.....but that one with little Sweet Pea in yellow is meant to be enlarged as big as you can, and put on the wall! She's so dang adorable in it!

  3. Nothing better than family time!

  4. What adorable children. Thanks for sharing your day. Hugs