Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Thyme Quilts

I finally had a weekend to take some photos
of a couple of summer thyme quilts.

Looking at some quilts that I've made in the past is
like remembering a dear friends.  
They're something that you spent a lot of time with,
there are good memories associated with it,
and they let you revisit your quilting journey.

"Bear Lake"
This is one of my all time favorites. 
It is from a pattern designed by Country Threads.
I taught this class several times, 
teaching fusible applique methods, 
strip piecing and making flying geese.

Students would customize their quilt with
favorite summer memories.
I especially loved the mosquitoes.
Haven't we all heard the buzz of a mosquito that 
seemed that big?

I changed the name of the lake to Bear Lake, after
a favorite hike up in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's pretty evident that this was made 
during my "plaids and stripes period".

This second quilt is also a pattern designed by Country Threads.

"Summer Thyme"
The pattern is from the book Blessings.
I used this quilt as well, as a teaching tool 
for hand applique, fusible applique, 
fabric choices, and strip piecing.

It was a fun way to find just the right fabric
to tell a story.
I still do that today.

The last quilt was also a teaching tool
for a hand applique class.

Kate's Summer Days
This was a pattern designed by Pat Sloan.

It was small enough for the students to finish the project and
allowed me to teach a variety of methods for hand appliqueing,
such as needle turn, freezer paper with glue, freezer paper
with spray starch, and even showed a bit of machine applique.
It was a fun little project.

Gathering those quilts today was a good
trip down memory lane.
My style preferences have changed since those were
made but they are still part of my quilting journey.
Has your journey changed directions?
Until Next Time

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