Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Stashbusters Gather

If you were at the Fig Leaf today, 
you saw about 40 women having fun and
poking fun at ourselves and our extensive fabric collections.

All quilters struggle with too many ideas 
and not enough time.  
Many of us
love starting new quilts, but sometimes
the follow thru can be a challenge.
We love fabric and can't get enough of it 
in our collections.

Then at times, the feeling of guilt can
creep in and dampen our spirits and enthusiasm.

 Five years ago we started a class at the store
that helped our customers toss off that
guilty feeling, get re-motivated, organized and let
quilt making be fun again.

It has been so successful.  
I have completed so many old projects, 
been reacquainted with my fabric stash, 
put my quilting room in working order, and 
been able to start new quilts with enthusiasm.

Here are three quilts I shared.
They all used strips in some way.
Strips have been our theme for a month.

But wait why was I holding a couple of  zucchinis?

Here were my random thoughts from class.
"How to be a successful Stashbuster".

1. Look for fresh ideas like fresh veggies
from the farmer's market.

2. Make time for yourself everyday
Use a cute timer if you have too.

3. Find interesting containers to hold and keep items organized.

The Container Store is a great place to shop.

4.Indulge in something special, like a new book,
new tool, new pattern or
cookies and cream cupcakes.

5. Repeat: I am an artist.

6. New fabric can get ideas flowing
like a fabric laxative.

7. A new notebook is open to all 
new ideas and possibilities.
Dream your dreams.

Pick an idea and use it to inspire or create.
You might be surprised what will happen.
Until Next Time-