Monday, August 22, 2011

Organic Boulder

When you explore a different city it's
interesting how each place has it's own
characteristics and uniqueness.

Visiting Boulder, Colorado is always an adventure
 and offers a variety of things to do and to see.
I recently went to the Farmer's Market located
just south of the CU campus.
It's a pretty upscale farmer's market, as only Boulder could do.

Of course, the reason you go to a market like this is
to find the freshest and best locally grown produce around.
You want it to have been grown in a healthy way.

At the market here, you'd better have the word
organic somewhere on your sign if you want any business.

Here's Ed doing his part to add his piece of watermelon rind
to the compost .

The market in Boulder really is a wonderful place, crowded, but
a fantastic display of beautiful produce.
Boulder prides itself as a very healthy community.

Great color everywhere.

But sometimes you want something a little bit more.
Like giant, and I mean giant, loaves of rustic bread or

delightful sweet pies or

a boulder sized dark chocolate raspberry scone.
We did share, and yes, it was terrific.

Support your local Farmer's Market and
eat healthy, most of the time.

Until Next Time-


  1. I went to the Ft Collins FM yesterday!

  2. What great pictures of all that produce. I do love a good Farmer's Market (with lots of organic, of course).