Monday, June 13, 2011

Roseville Applique Quilt #2

Last week I gave a giant push to 
finish my second block of the 
Roseville Album Quilt.

I did some reverse applique.

Added the next layer of pieces.
Lining everything up with the plastic 
overlay of the block.

And started stitching again.
But realized I had forgotten a section
of stem on part of the block.

This detail brought me a screeching halt!
I was annoyed and frustrated because it
meant I would have to unsew a few places and
fiddle with the stem again.
All I wanted to do was to continue to sew.

My only solution was to put it away for 24 hours.
It's funny how the next day can make problems
look solvable and less of an obstacle.
No big deal today, really.  
Redo a few stitches, insert stem,  and
keep on sewing. 

The positive part about stopping to add my missing stem section
was as long as I had my basting glue handy I'd go
ahead and attach the stems for block #3.

The stems are glued in place and 
are under the underlay for perfect positioning.
So I'm ready to start.

My missing stems grew into a opportunity.
Until Next Time-

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