Friday, June 17, 2011

Kyle's Cupcakes

Kyle's Cupcakes was
on the bake again this week.

Our Stashbuster's class was meeting at the store
so I needed to get my baking supplies out again.

I always search for cupcakes that are different and interesting.
I remember as a kid going "uptown" to the
Cloverdale Dairy that had a soda fountain
and having a "real cherry coke".   That meant
real coke syrup, real cherry syrup and whatever
it took to make it fuzzy.
That was the best.

So in remembrance of days gone by

I decided to do a taste test to see what "Coke" I should use
in order to get the most taste.

I tried cokes in the bottles.
#1 was Coke with the fructose corn syrup
#2 Mexican Coke with real sugar
#3 Virgil's Real Cola with unbleached cane sugar and spices

Which did I use?
Well, as a diet soda drinker, anything with sugar in it was a "high".
I really liked the Mexican Coke and 
Virgil's Real Cola.
So I used both! 

After all the Coke testing, the cupcakes
were wonderful, and moist but there really
wasn't a cola taste. 
The maraschino cherry in the middle of the cake might
have masked the cola flavor.

But who is going to not eat a cupcake for that reason.

So add the whip cream and a put a cherry on the top
and ENJOY!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until Next Time-