Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Display at the Denver Capitol Quilt Show

During my life I have found it easier
not to stick my neck out too far.
I really should have more courage to be willing
to risk criticism from those around me.

This may not sound like a risk, but entering a quilt show
can be risky business.
Quilters are very opinionated.

"I would have done it this way"
"What was she thinking to put that in"
"That is very interesting"
"That person has no sense of color"
"Would you really like that in your house"

This is the year of the Capitol Quilt Show 
in Denver put on by the Colorado Quilting Council.
And I stuck my neck out and entered a quilt in the show.
It's a beautiful venue for a quilt show.
The 265 quilts are hung from all the balconies and
displayed in  prominent positions.
All colors, styles and patterns working 
together in a beautiful setting.

My quilt is #312. so it's on the third floor.

We started on the ground floor and slowly looking
at each quilt worked our way up.
Looking up I couldn't see it anywhere.

Finally, while on the second floor I spied it.

 I'm closer.
I was glad to see it hung in a prominent place.

Antique Sunflowers with a Twist.

My friends were with me, so, of course, I only heard wonderful comments.
 That's what friends are for.
They give you just the encouragement you need
to know that it's OK to stick your neck out once in awhile.

The quilts are all hung high for security reasons so
you literally have to stick your neck out to view the show.
Thanks everyone for your kind words.
Until Next Time-


  1. Fun day, glad we were able to see it on display! Beautiful job!

  2. Beautiful quilt ! What is life about but to stick our necks out every so often and take some chances. Makes life a lot more interesting and fun. Congrats to you Kyle for making a beautiful quilt and taking sticking your neck out !