Monday, April 12, 2010

Think Spring

April is well on it's way and the days are turning a bit warmer.  Spring might really be here.  Quilts can be a visual interpretation in the change of the seasons.  I looked through my collection of quilts and choose three to share.
 Flower Basket
I made this quilt at an all night quilt class at my local quilt shop in 1991. That's something I could never do now.  I don't know how far I got that night, but I remember being totally exhausted when I left the shop. 
This quilt is hand quilted.

It is based off a typical charted pattern designed by Anne Orr  (1869-1946).  She was a native of Nashville, who was a well-known quilt and needlework designer. She was a needlework columnist for Good Housekeeping in the 1930s. She was quite the entrepreneur, employing dozens of women to produce her designs and directed a successful mail order business from her home.

Another basket quilt that I have made is this grape basket design.

Sweet Picolit
The colors are soft like the new colors of spring. I hand quilted it with a baptist fan pattern. 

This third quilt was made for my daughter,Kate.  The soft pastel colors of fabrics from the 30's made me think of spring.

Sun Bonnet Sue, Kate Style
This quilt was a delight to make.  Each of the Sun Bonnet girls is doing something that Kate loved to do.  It gave me a chance to think about her and all the talents and characteristic that make her special.  Can you find her favorite holiday, pet and figure out some of the other things she liked to do when she was 11.  This quilt was also hand quilted. 

These quilts all feel wonderful because of the hand quilting.  I haven't taken the time lately to hand quilt my projects, but I do love to do it and the feel of the final results.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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