Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Mile At A Time

This coming August 20 -22 you will find me in Leadville, Colorado.  Not on vacation or hiking at a 10,000 foot elevation, not exploring Baby Doe's old Matchless silver mine, or even exploring the quaint shops that line main street.  I will be part of Ed's crew as he participates in the Leadville Trail 100 race, which is known as the Race Across the Sky.  The race is 100 miles of trail running!
The race begins at 4:00 am on Saturday and each participate has 30 hours to complete the course and must be done by 10:00am on Sunday.  Yes, that means running all night long over mountains, through the woods, and splashing through streams.  No time to stop except to get whatever you need from your crew, that would be me, Elizabeth and Don, at various check points.
The trail goes up and over Hope Pass

For the past two years Ed's niece has come from Connecticut, which is very much at sea level, and participated.  We have been her crew.  She's done great and ran 40 miles the first year and then 60 miles last year.  This year both Ed and Sandy will finish this ultra marathon!

 Ed and Sandy, mile 22       
I remember Ed telling me, "If I ever say I want to run the Leadville 100, you need to slap me, and slap me hard!"
Well, I guess I didn't slap him hard enough.

He has signed up and has earnestly begun his training.  He has a daily and weekly workout schedule all the way until the week of the race.  He's started with 20 miles a week and will end with about 90 miles.  If anyone can stay committed and work for the goal of completing the race, it has to be Ed.   He is a great inspiration.

He isn't looking at the race as running 100 miles, but as running 1 mile one hundred times.  I need to remember that philosophy when I'm tired and ready to stop whatever I'm doing.  His motto is: You can do more than you think!

Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. daddy is great inspiration! although i don't think i'll be running 100 miles any time soon.

  2. daddy is great inspiration, although i don't think i'll ever be inspired to run 100 mi.