Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing Sewing Sewing

Since the beginning of the new year I don't know what has gotten into me    Usually I try to keep new projects under control, simply because there are so many unfinished projects looming in nooks and crannies of my sewing room.  But this year has been different.   I have started 8 new quilts and have been working on 3 others that I started last year.

1. I have been sewing on a quilt made with the Rouenneries,a fabric by Moda.  I bought it in Dec. and I'm getting close to having the top piece.  I laid it out on the dining room floor and that is where it will be until I get it pieced.  If I pick it up, I'm sure to twist and turn the blocks and change the placement.

 Just a peek until I get it done
So I set up my second machine on the dining room table and I'm sewing there. I'm currently sharing the other end of the table with Ed who has made it his home office.  Cozy.
2. 3. Upstairs I have two baby quilts cut out. They have adorable fabrics and are just waiting for me to come and sew.

4. I started watching "The Quilt Show" and have found it so informative, creative and inspiring, that I have cut out a Convergence Quilt taught by Ricky Tims.

5. We have a new group of wonderful flannel in the store called "Creekside Trail".  It has colors like dark earth, mountain pine, woodland brown, oak-wood and  russet.  I needed those.  I live in Colorado.

 It will make a perfect random patch.

Three quilts have tumbled forward from 2009. One is a white and blue batik I am making for the store...

Blue Moon by Timeless Treasures

and the second one is a block of the month, A Tisket A Tasket Basket quilt from Bunny Hill,
6. 7.   I just finished sewing on the binding of the batik quilt and I am hand quilting the basket quilt. I'll show that when I am done.  Bunny Hill has a new block of the month, Snowbound, for this year.  I'll probably start that soon.  I just can't help it!
8. Of course, I'm continuing on with the Ocean Waver restoration.

 9. I have a holiday quilt, Snowmen from A to Zzzz by Crabapple Hill ready to start.  I have the embroidery all traced, the floss gathered, and the blocks basted.  It's a great project when there's time to do handwork.
10. I also started another made with Boutique, by Moda, designed by Chez Moi.  That fabric just spoke to me and I listened. 

"Take me home, take me home"

11. I also have to start looking through my stash for an idea for a class I teach called STASHBUSTERS.  I team teach with 2 other women.  I was the speaker in January so I need to get something sewn for April. It needs to be something that demonstrates how I use my stash!
I don't dare tell you how many other UFO's I have.  Just know that it's plenty.  I guess I just needed to start something new.  I am having a great time.  Enjoying the process.  Trying some new techniques.  What a great way to have FUN!

Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. It's an illness we all have in common!! You get so much done.