Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving Day

  My daughter, Jessica and her husband, Martin, live in Denver in a tiny one bedroom apartment.  Today was a big day.  They had found a new apartment just a few blocks away that will be a nice step up.  It has two bedrooms, a huge bathroom, a fireplace, storage, and hookups for a washer and dryer.  Life is good!
They assembled their moving crew:         
 My sister Jane, Jessica, Me
in the old apartment

Elizabeth, Martin and Don

Their sweet friend, Amen, Martin's Mom, her friend, Jeff
in the new apartment

and of course, Ed
As you can see, we were bribed by pizza.  It was an easy move, the weather was good, and many hands made light work.

We did actually put many things away.  I guess they will have to make a few decisions on their own.
It was nice that we could help, but I'm sure glad it wasn't me moving! 

Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. Good for them! Looks like they had a good crew to help!

  2. you helped us so so so much...even though it doesn't look like it in that picture :)