Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Decorations

When my girls lived at home, decorating for the holidays was fun.  Maybe because we would do it all together, even if I was the one to put things away. The decorations just added to the festive feeling.  Getting out the boxes with all the special items, was like seeing old friends who had been away for awhile.  There might be a few store bought items, but most decorations were hand made.

Now that it's just Ed and myself, it's not quite the same feeling when holidays come.  It's hard to get those decorations out and then to put away again.  It just seems like too much work.

Thanksgiving is coming and we might end up with quite a house full of guests!  Do I get things out to spruce up the house for the holiday?  Or maybe, better yet, just a couple of special items to make it look like Thanksgiving?

I found two things that I think will look good.  First is my favorite turkey of all time.  He's probably almost 10 years old.  Some friends and I , decided to each make one of these.  We had so much fun working together.  We assembly lined the steps and laughed and laughed some more.  Each turkey took on a different personality. 

You just can't beat this turkey!

The other decoration has to be a quilt.  This "Crazy Pumpkins" will look good on the back of a chair.

This is a Need'l Love pattern that I made in 2006.  Again with my friends encouragement, meaning we were all working on the same design at the same time, made it a fun quilt to make.  Each pumpkin has different embroidery stitches incorporated into the design.

While trying to decide what I should use to decorate, I found three other things I have to share.  All of us who are moms have these special handmade decorations that we just love because they were made by our kids.

Kate's fall mask

Jessica's Pilgrims

Elizabeth's one of kind pine cone turkey

OK, now I have 5 decorations out for Thanksgiving!

Until next time-Kyle


  1. Elizabeth's turkey looks like it got hit in the head 1 too many times

  2. Did Cheryl help Elizabeth make her turkey?

  3. Hi Kyle - I'm Kathleen Hodges' sister, Melanie. We've met at a quilt group meeting and also at the talk that Jennifer Chiaverini gave. I love your Crazy Pumpkins quilt and the little needle-felted pilgrims are darling!!