Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On to Napa's Vineyards

One of the other things we did while in the bay area was to drive north of the city and visit Napa Valley.  We had lived in Petaluma, which is west of Napa and Sonoma in 1974-76.  The California wine industry was just starting to take off.  It was actually the time when Chateau Montelena put California wines on the map by challenging France in a blind taste test and winning. Watch the movie, Bottle Shock, for a fun story about the event.
We had visited the area a couple of times when we lived near by and tasted a few different wines , but didn't pay much attention.  Another opportunity missed.  I always fall short of being on the cutting edge of things.

So now, we headed back to check things out with our distinguishing palettes. Can you taste a hint of blackberry, cherry, orange and musty soil?

The are now about 400 wineries in the area and we visited 5.  It was fun and we had a good time.  These pictures of Ed at Duckhorn Winery will prove that we did!

See that wonderland wrap around porch.  The weather was warm and the day was lovely.  They weren't too busy and the person pouring the wines must of thought we had time or a lot of money because he just kept bringing samples for Ed to taste.  Please note that it was only 11 am.

The aroma

The taste

Many tastes

Needless to say we had a good time. Especially Ed.

Until next time- Kyle

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