Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tootsies Go Under Cover

We all talk about "the signs of a new season". Now that it is officially fall, there are signs all around us. The leaves are beginning to change, and pumpkins are appearing everywhere. I'm waiting to head to my favorite bagel shop to see if the pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese are back on the menu.  Yumm-o!
Also I am feeling colder, despite occasional "flashes of heat."

I realized the other day my attire had changed as well. I was now sporting socks. My toes were ready to go under cover. I looked in my sock bin. What happened in here? All the partners had separated during the summer. How do they do that?

Sorting socks is like seeing old friends again.
Not quite ready for wool socks.

Mismatched socks are perfect. I was at Big Daddy's bagel shop in Boulder last spring and a man came up to me and said, "Your socks are great". Really?!? He was even normal looking. Hmmmmm. I guess I'm just with it.

Fall is here, so put some new life into your sock drawer.  There are a lot of fun ways to keep your "Tootsies Under Cover"

Until Next Time- Kyle

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