Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Quilt

Quilt groups can be a wonderful inspiration.  In January, 2001, my quilting group, known as "the Pinheads" then, decided to work on Halloween quilts.  We would each work on our own project, but use the same pattern.  To keep with the theme, we changed our name temporarily to "The Batty Babes".  Once a month my dear friend, Becky M. and I would plan for all of us to meet at different secret locations.   Sometimes the group had to figure out clues to the whereabouts of the next meeting.  Tricky huh? When we got together, we would  share what we had done and be inspired to continue on.  Well, we kept meeting and working hard and we completed some pretty awesome and very cute tricker treaters for our quilts.  The pattern was adapted from a Sue Garman pattern. 

This is one of the funniest quilts I have ever made.  We personalized each little goblin with buttons, beads, embroidery and any other embellishments we could think of.  It was all hand appliqued.

We all got very creative.  It took us almost a year to do.


I had almost let Halloween slip by without getting out my Trick or Treaters Quilt.  It's funny how we let some of our favorite memories slip by because we just get too busy.  Well, my quilt is out now and I am having a great time enjoying it and the memories it holds.

Until next time- Kyle

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  1. Hi, just found your blog site. Love the quilt, I even remember starting this quilt, mine is in a box waiting to be finished.