Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ta- Dah!

When I began quilting in 1973, the basic approach I took was... Start It-Finish It.  That meant I was working on one quilt at a time.

There are lots steps in making a quilt.  Each one can be a challenge in creativity and patience. It's fulfilling to  see a project all the way through, from conception to completion.

Today I have a very different approach...the more the merrier.  That means I am working on multiple quilts at a time.  I have a very long queue.  Some quilts are still ideas, some have fabric attached, some have been started, some are in different states of completion, and some are nearing the finish line.

Today I would like to say Ta Dah!!  In the last couple weeks I have finished, with labels, 3 quilts. 

" tis the Season" used the pattern Strip Down.  It was fast and fun.  It used 2.5" strips.  It's a pattern by G.E. Designs.  I did it in Christmas fabrics.  It even used a bit of my stash.              Ta Dah!

" Over the River"  is an embroidered  and pieced quilt.  It's a pattern from Crabapple Hill.  I traced the embroidery last July.  So it took me almost a year to complete.  It will fun to have out this holiday season. That's a second
Ta Dah!

"Autumn Winds" is a pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt co.  I made it to give to my daughter, Kate, who is moving to Florida this week.  I know she will miss the change of seasons, so hopefully, this will reminder her of Fall in Colorado and home.  Ta Dah #3.

Looking at my queue, there are many more quilts in line. Which one will be next to be finished? 

It will be a while before I can sew again.  I am heading off to Florida with Kate to help her get settled.  Wish us good thoughts as we head off on a very long drive.

Take care- Kyle

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