Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Again

What does 2,100 miles, 40 hours of driving, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, and Atlanta, truck stops and mini marts all have in common?

It means within the last 5 days I have been there and done that.

With our spirits high and the sleep wiped from our eyes, Kate, her boyfriend, Bobby Macuen, and I set out on an adventure.  Last Friday morning at 5 am, as a cold front was blowing into Denver, we left for Tamarac, Fl.  Check out our route.

Kate and Bobby drove the Penske  truck and car trailer, while I drove Kate's car. It was a long way!!!  But we made it just fine.  The truck could only go 65 mph max so consequently it took us 40 hours to make the trip.

Minus the 5 hours that Kate drove with me, I did it all myself , all the way.  I listened to Harry Potter books, a bit of music and the Tennessee and Georgia football game.

Once we got there we needed to unload the truck, in 90 degree heat and equal parts humidity.  Welcome to southern Florida!  I kept up just fine. 

Kate's place

Bobby standing on "the grass" in the backyard!

We got a lot accomplished.  Wish I could have stayed a few more days to help out.  But it will all come together soon.  I didn't have time to take many pictures.  Should  have gotten one of the lizards that run everywhere.  I'll miss seeing "my girl" as often as I did, but I know she'll do great.

Notice I am wearing the appropriate fall colors of Colorado

This road trip wasn't on my bucket list, but maybe I should add it, just so I can cross it off.

Until next time-Kyle


  1. Love that teardrop of grass! You look great in the photos, you trucker, you.

  2. What a great memory for you! Glad you are back.