Friday, April 15, 2022

April Happenings

 Spring is slowly starting to appear
here in Colorado.

I've also been slowly working
on projects one day at a time.

And the results are beginning to show.  
There are a few projects that have been finished
and a few ongoing ones.

A pair of springtime bunnies.

"Spring Delivery"

Scattered Seed Samplers
5" x 7"


"Spring Gathering"

Scattered Seed Samplers
5" x 7"

I changed a few thread colors and
changed a few design elements.
The first adorable vintage frame 
was from a thrift shop in Santa Fe.
I love it.

The second one was a shiny gold colored inexpensive 
frame from another shop here in Fort Collins.
Running Man got out his air brush and toned
it all down to a reasonable shade.


This next project is far from finished.
It's a Mystery Quilt Along through 
Primitive Gatherings.  
I'll be the first to admit that quilt mysteries
are not my favorite.
My time and fabrics are just too
valuable and expensive to be working
on something that I might or might not like.

But I was caught in a weak moment
and Lisa B reassured quilters everywhere 
that she would not let anyone down!

So I've started.
31 nine patch blocks, scrappy, blue and white.
We'll see where the mystery leads me.

If you're in a weak moment too,
check out and sign up for Lisa Bongean Blog, 
to get the monthly mystery patterns
for O Say....Can You See.
This part will be gone at the end of April when
the May chapter is issued.



Sometime ago I signed up for a
exclusively for Hobby House Needleworks.

I had never done one of
Nicola Parkman's vintage reproduced samplers.

This one is Rosa Ada Featherstone, 1894

Through the process of working on  a reproduced antique sampler
I came to several conclusions:

1.  Samplers done by young girls could have many errors.
If the sampler is designed to even include these flaws, 
I'm going to have to fix them.
I make enough of my own mistakes, that's for sure!  
I had to do lots of changes to make
this design work for me.

2. I like the style of many of these antique samplers,
but if I used Rose's name my family would be thoroughly 
confused as to who she was in relationship to us.
So I customized this sampler with my
maternal grandmother's name and date of birth.

3.  I decided while working on this sampler that Rose's heart wasn't
into this project or needlework as a whole 
or she had a poor teacher with limited supplies.
I changed many of the motifs because
I didn't recognize what they were.
I also changed and added more colors.
An example is that the ships 
were originally bright green.
I had to change that
 as well as a few other color choices.
Sorry, Rose.



I first mentioned this 
Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt
back in December,

Well, I'm still happily working on it.
The hand quilting is coming close 
to being finished,
A dozen more hexies to go
and then...

75" x 80"

I'll have to decide how to bind it
with the zig zag edge.


It hasn't been all work or stitching.
The other night we were able to go
to a live concert featuring
two of my favorite musicians,

They are on their final
US Tour as a duo.
I listen to their beautiful cello music
which includes classical, popular and rock music.

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic'

They put on an incredible show
and we had fabulous seats.
The audience was a mix of young and old
and I loved every minute.

Check them out on you tube.

Until Next Time-



  1. Oh my, Kyle! You certainly have been busy. Your pair of springtime bunnies are so cute. Love the frames, your hubby did a great job on the second one. I know what you mean about reproduction samplers. I've almost abandoned one because of the inconsistency in the alphabet...I keep picking it up and then putting it away again. I haven't ventured into another mystery quilt since my disappointment in the last one (I won't mention the quilter here). Your grandmother's flower garden quilt is a piece of art. It already looks so cozy with the hand quilting you've completed. What size is it?

  2. Your cross-stitch bunnies are adorable! Good job on “antiquing” the second frame. I also avoid mystery quilts, but yours is off to a good start. How can one go wrong with beautiful blue nine-patches, right? You could always change it up if it starts going in a direction you don’t like. Your sampler turned out great! I would call it “inspired by” the antique, and include your own name. Meanwhile your hexie quilt is looking fantastic! What a beautiful heirloom you will have.

  3. So much eye candy Kyle, you have been very busy! I agree with you regarding mystery quilts, I generally prefer to know what I’m getting into before I commit to fabric.
    Your stitcheries are all really beautiful, and I love that you’re brave enough to change design elements and make them your own.
    Tazzie xox

  4. So much to enjoy in this post! The bunnies are so cute and I love that both frames have something special about them. I really like the Featherstone sampler and thought your observations were very sensible. Using your grandmothers name was very clever - love the unicorn! Your flower garden is lovely and handquilting texture is lovely and so worth the time. I had to smile at “if you’re in a weak moment too”. Lol! You’re such an enabler - lol!!

  5. You certainly have been busy! That hexie quilt will be ever so lovely when it is finally finished.

  6. I enjoyed your project updates and feel exactly the same as you do about “mystery” quilts. I’ve been able to resist them all, but your blue and white 9 patches look like they could turn into something interesting! Your Grandmother’s Flower Garden looks like a classic beauty! By the way, your latest comment on my MapleLeafRag quilt prompted me to make a change that improves the corners a lot. Thank you so much!!

  7. Your Grandmothers Flower Garden already looks so amazingly soft and cuddly, just wonderful. I've never worked on reproduction samplers but there's nothing wrong with making it your own, then it becomes a new original.

  8. A little each day of working on a project, does show progress. What a cute pair of cross-stitch bunnies. Understand how you feel about mystery quilts as I also would worry if I didn’t like it at the end. However, Lisa B has good taste. I already like the blue & white 9-patch blocks you have begun. Love the vintage fabrics in the GFG quilt. Enjoy your hexie quilting process!

  9. I love the vintage look of your cross stitch. And your grandmother's flower garden also looks like from another time, so pretty and what a treasure it will be when finished. There's nothing like live music!

  10. Very sweet little bunnies and I especially like the vintage frame! A mystery quilt?? I, too, tend to avoid them. I imagine it will be wonderful. And thanks for the cello daughter and granddaughter both play.

  11. I think those Spring bunnies are delightful. Lovely work from you.
    I read your comments about the sampler with interest and agree with the changes you made. It just makes sense!
    Lovely work on the flower garden quilt as well. Lots of patience.
    Isn't it great to be getting back to going to concerts!!!!

  12. April is proving to be very productive for you! Your cross-stitch bunnies are so cute and look perfect in vintage frames. I enjoyed reading your comments on the reproduction sampler and glad to hear you made some changes to make it your own. It looks like your GFG quilt will be done in no time at all:) That looks like a great concert!

  13. Those adorable bunnies make perfect Spring decor!
    I am also very slow to join a SAL. Usually I wait until it is over and see if I want to actually make it. But I had way too many weak moments last year, joining anything and everything that got within reach. So I will pass on Lisa's SAL, though I do like so many of her projects.
    Kudos to you for making that sampler your own. I have a vintage sampler pattern that I really do intend to make one day--and I intend to change several things about it, just like I would on a quilt pattern. I like that you used a family name--makes so much more sense. And changing colors and motifs to fit your preferences will make it something you can really love.
    Your GFG quilt is so lovely and vintage feeling.
    I love cello music, but have to admit I had never heard of this duo. I will definitely look them up!
    Thanks for another delightful post, Kyle!

  14. oh I just love seeing your completed cross stitch pieces. I like to shop for frames at the thrift store too.
    I really enjoyed reading about your process of changing and correcting the pattern. I totally agree. Patterns can be a suggestion, they are not a law. Your Hands across the sea is just lovely in every way.
    Grandmothers Flower Garden is such a timeless quilt and so pretty. There might be youtube videos on how to do a binding. I just used one to do a facing on a quilt.
    Isn't listening to live music magical?
    Happy Easter

  15. So many beautiful projects - the cross stitch bunnies, the quilting of the hexies and the sampler. It is a balance in recreating work done by others. You want to maintain the charm of the piece, but there is no reason to repeat any mistakes made and no reason not to customize it to your own tastes.

  16. So interesting to read your comments about the stitching. We have our ways don't we? And the more we do, the more we fine tune what is worth taking the time for or perhaps what really isn't.:) Your stitching is so lovely! Just keep doing YOU!

  17. So many pretty projects to work on Kyle. Lisa Bongean's patterns are always pretty, I would dare starting a mystery of her too. Curious how it is going to look!

  18. The bunnies are just adorable! Their vintage design gives them a special appeal, I think. Good luck with the mystery quilt! I'm not a fan of them, either, but I'm doing one with my small quilt group, as that is something they do every year.

  19. Oh, those bunnies are just the cutest, Kyle! I especially love the one with the basket of little fluffy chicks. And your sampler is lovely. I am not a reproduction sampler stitcher, but I still enjoy seeing them stitched by others. Love your Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt! I will be interested to see the binding with the uneven flowers on the edge. Enjoy this last week of April!