Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April's Mini Quilt

If you're like me 
and many others fabulous quilt bloggers
gathered under Wendy's wing
you know making a monthly mini
can be a challenge.

It  feels like the months
get shorter and shorter,
but it's still  a great way to explore new ideas
and create something small each month.

This month I went digging into a 
sewing cupboard and pulled out
a stack of vintage basket blocks.
When or where I got them
is unknown, but they
have been there for a very long time.

The fabrics are a combination of
30's and 40's prints with a bleached muslin background.
The 32 blocks all measured 
10.5 inches.

I decided I didn't want a big quilt 
so I pulled out Jack the Ripper
and took the blocks apart leaving the 
hst's intact.

I wasn't surprised to find all of these units
looking very different from each other.
The blocks were mostly hand stitched.
There was no way these blocks
would fit together.

I resized these from 2.5" down
to 1.5" along with the center section and 
the rectangular side pieces.

The blocks would now be 
a quarter of the size, 5" finished.

The blocks went from this to that.

I ended up using 28 of the 
original blocks.

Vintage Spring Baskets
25" x 35"

I set the blocks together in 
sets of 4.

Then I added a simple border
of Kona Snow and

 machine quilted diagonal lines.
Bound it with a 30's repro fabric.

The backing is a piece from a flour sack
with one more of the blocks used as a label.


Then it was time to hang it out on the barbwire fence
along with the other vintage minis that have been 
reconstructed over the years.

All of the quilts are made
 from vintage 30's and 40's fabrics pieces. 

I was asked if I had any regrets taking
apart another person's work.
I would have to say no.
I feel like I have taken pieces that
were abandoned and left undone for a reason.
Maybe I've brought these to completion, finally.


The exciting news  is that
Running Man and I will be soon
gathering up our passports, 
vaccination cards and heading off 
on an adventure.
I can't wait!

So Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. By taking all those pieces apart, you now have a sweet quilt in your collection. Use it or lose it ..... you chose the right way and the quilter that made those blocks will be happy with the result. Well done and have a safe, happy trip.

  2. Oh I love your ongoing themed minis. Your vintage basket redo is just charming and they all look so sweet hung on the fence for spring. Harkens back to a traditional quilt era!
    Happy Travels! Can't wait to see where you went and see your travel photos.

  3. test comment - has your comment form changed?

  4. I love your April Mini. All your Spring quilts look so good together. I can't wait to see where your new adventure takes. Hugs

  5. Great redo!! We are also headed on an adventure! Have a great trip.

  6. OH gorgeous! How pretty to see all your springtime mini quilts fluttering in the breeze!

  7. Kyle, you did a spectacular job giving those vintage blocks a new life. Your beautiful little quilt gives them a showcase where they can shine, and be appreciated. Good work! And happy travels!

  8. Kyle felicidades!! tu mini cesta de abril simplemente divino, Gran colección. Buen viaje

  9. What an absolutely delightful basket quilt! It has such a great spring vibe! I think the original maker would be delighted to see what you have made from her original idea. Safe travels!

  10. Beautiful! The lady that started that quilt is smiling on you :)

  11. What an absolutely fabulous mini! Your work cutting everything down definitely paid off. The white border is just right! Can’t wait to hear where you’re traveling!

  12. A beautiful restoration! I think the original maker would be very excited to see your new treasure. Happy travels!

  13. Oh, this is so sweet, Kyle! I love that you are using the old vintage fabrics and bringing them to life in such a pretty way. The quartet looks just beautiful hanging on the wire. Happy travels! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  14. I am blown away by how beautiful this mini is, Kyle. Such a great job disassembling, cutting down, and completing a quilt in the style of the original blocks is no small (pun not intended) task. I speak from experience because I am currently doing something of that sort for Lori's vintage block challenge--but nothing this wonderful! I just have to keep scrolling back up to see your awesome finish, and your pretty vintage minis in a row. Love, love, love this post!
    Goodness, it sounds like you will be having a great time. I am so excited to hear about your adventure when you return!

  15. that is so very pretty and i agree that using the blocks for a finish was the right thing to do

  16. Oh, Kyle, this is a fabulous re-do! I love the way you do your magic and and end up with an absolutely charming quilt. The original quiltmaker would be so pleased :) And another wonderful series on the fence! Love ALL your vintage minis. Bon Voyage and enjoy your trip!

  17. That's a lot of work but a lovely way to use the blocks. You really have given them a new life. Another wonderful mini.

  18. What a beautiful use of your vintage blocks Kyle. I know some hesitate to undo the work of others, but this way everything fits and the materials are put to a beautiful use. The collection of small quilts that you have made from salvaged blocks is gorgeous. Much better than keeping them in a box. Happy trails!

  19. This is another absolute beauty and wow that took a lot of patience to disassemble and cut down the original vintage blocks. You gave them new life - what a treasure. I bet the original maker or makers would be tickled pink. Safe travels wherever you are going, and I'm sure all of us your blog readers will love reading about your adventures!

  20. You're so right - those blocks were abandoned for a reason, but you took that quilter's original idea and made it work! Lovely finish and oooh - those fabrics! Hope you have a great trip!

  21. I absolutely adore how you saved and repurposed those basket blocks. They turned into another adorable mini, Kyle. Safe travels on your adventure, hope you have fun!

  22. Beautiful work as always Kyle ! And I love the picture with your quilts !! Happy holidays ! :)

  23. Ohhhh Kyle, how amazing that you were able to rescue those orphan blocks. They're now a beautiful little quilt you'll be able to treasure. It warms my heart to think that something that could have so easily been thrown away has been given new life. Bravo!

  24. That must have been a lot of work ripping those blocks and making new ones. But as always with your talent, you have made something beautiful out of it!
    Hope you will have great travels, hope to read a lot about it!

  25. re-purposing and giving a quilt new life takes patience and dedication I think the maker would be thrilled with the outcome it looks amazing