Monday, March 28, 2022

Green Isn't Always Second Fiddle

 When you think of the color Green
in relationship with another color,
it is usually included as the second color
in the sequence.

Red and Green
Blue and Green......

I wonder why that is?
Green is a lovely color that can
stand strong by itself.

This month's mini 

Green Isn't Always Second Fiddle
Shades of Green

21" x 24"

Using Green as the primary color
can be a challenge.
I usually purchase greens for
applique stems, leaves or
to mix with another color. 
So most of my green fabrics are small
prints to add a little bit
of texture to a project.

In this case, different shades of green got to be the stars
with tiny red and white shirtings settling for  the 
second fiddle position.

I noticed three of my old favorites ended up
side by side.
The first one is from the Sarah Johnson Collection and 
the Shelburne Museum 
The second one is part of the 
Smithsonian Fabrics collections, but I'm not sure 
what antique quilt.
The third one is all used up
so I don't remember the designer.

Red just couldn't let Green be the star
and just had to be the binding!

A March Series

The month of March can be thought
of spring gradually finding its way
and even possibly seeing the beginning of a hint of green.

For now, the only green I can 
see is clipped to the fence.

Be sure to check out the rest of the 
Monthly Minis listed on Wendy's blog,
it's always a treat.

Until Next Time-


  1. I wondered if you would be doing a green quilt for March and viola .... it's perfect and a great addition to your wee collection.

  2. Your mini makes me green with envy...LOL! Great addition to your collection, although the one with the applique in the middle is the one that catches my eye.

  3. OH that is so pretty! I love all three hung on the line; just perfect!

  4. What a perfect project to be working on while we wait for some green to appear outside. I always love a quilt with lots of hst’s. You are growing a wonderful collection of green minis.

  5. You are right about green. As Kermit says, "It's not easy being green". Your greens play so nicely in this marvelous mini. Those of us in cold climates need a reminder that we should be seeing some green by March, but alas, not this year. Thanks for another fabulous mini!

  6. Kyle Felicidades!! preciosos verdes, mi color favorito

  7. Oh I do love your collection of green minis! And the wide variety of pretty shirting triangles used with the greens in this months mini.

  8. You’re so right about green often not taking center stage and being the “star” but you’ve done a great job of featuring it in this mini. I love your use of the larger HST’s for the border! All 3 green quilts are lovely!

  9. Very nice minis...the applique' one is gorgeous.

  10. What a delightful spring quilt. I really like the way you used the larger HSTs for the border, and kept all the dark triangles oriented in the same direction. Great eye appeal!
    You now have a great collection of green minis, that I'm sure will continue to grow.

  11. Ohhh Kyle, your mini quilts are just gorgeous, and I love that you used some golden oldies in your project too. I'm so glad I joined in on this mini adventure, it's so much fun seeing what you're all working on!

  12. So true about the color green. The red binding gives the mini a nice pop of color as for sure red and green compliments each another. I’m also awaiting to see the color green outside.

  13. Your newest mini quilt is so pretty, Kyle! I'm glad you provided the dimensions because (as a person who doesn't quilt) I would have thought it was larger. Love the photo of all three hanging on the line. Although our grass has turned quite green, it was covered by snow all weekend. The sun is out today so I'm hopeful spring is on its way. Enjoy your week!

  14. So glad you featured green for this month's mini--it is delightful and so springlike! Love the large hsts in the border and the red binding is perfect. Love all your green minis :)

  15. I agree, the greens are lovely. They look great alone but there are so many greens that work with every colour, too. Love you newest quilt. Gorgeous.

  16. Ooh! What a lovely collection of greens! Perfect addition of red and white shirtings and red border as the accent to your green HSTs!

  17. So true, Kyle, about green. I once made a green and brown quilt simply to use up a quantity of those colors, and it became one of my favorite quilts! I LOVE your green themes quilts! And your March Mini is perfect!

  18. Wow, your new mini is so cool and I just love the whole green quilt lineup. I have some of that middle shirting that you picture with the sort of "wheat sprig" - it's really lovely. Your red binding is a snappy touch.

  19. Green means Spring to me, I love the differents shades of green in Spring, your quilt is just like the leafs popping out on a sunny spring day.

  20. Another wonderful 3 year series of quilts for March.
    Love seeing them on your photo fence all in a row. Greens might be challenging but you've nailed it!

  21. Your HST quilt is so beautiful and wow it looks so beautiful on the line. All of the quilts play so nicely together. I have been drawn to particular colors lately - shades of yellow, shades of orange, shades of blue and now shades of green.