Monday, September 13, 2021

What Kind of Days Are You having?

 The lazy hazy crazy days of summer continue 
here in Colorado. 
I've been the lazy one and
the usually bright blue skies 
have been hazy with smoke.
I haven't seen the foothills from my backyard
for weeks.
The crazy days of 2021 seem to keep
us guessing about what will happen next.

But with all of that in mind,
I have actually been filling my days 
with stitching, mostly,

The first piece that I've finished 
earlier this summer was:

"Winter Rose Manor"
Designed by Brenda Gervais
With Thy Needle and Thread.

I learned with this piece that not all overdyed cotton
threads look like the photo.
There must be some variables in the 
dying process.
It's okay because we know that
 there aren't stitching police,
just like there aren't quilting police.
 Who says you can't change threads and 
choose a color that you find more appealing or
makes more contrast.

I had to do that so the cardinals showed up better.


This small piece is 
"Hello Summer" 

Designed by Paulette Stewart
Plum Street Samplers

I've been enjoying stitching some
of these smaller pieces just to get something finished 
Although, I've found nothing is really
too quick.

Adding some trim around the edges gives 
this a nice finished look.
What I don't like to do is to stitch the
small opening closed after it's stuffed.

Here's what I've been doing.
Stitching completely around all 4 sides
and then making a small slit in the back in 
order to turn the piece inside out.
We've all done that, but what I have been doing
is fusing a piece of fabric and  matching up the 
design elements of the fabric. 

I challenge myself to see how close
I can make it.
Not too bad.

The 3rd piece just finished is:

Come Into My Garden
Designed by Blackbird Designs

I learned that if the border actually meets 
it can be a miracle.  
The question then becomes 
do you fudge or frog it (rip it, rip it)
In my case, I like fudge more than frogs!
Hopefully, no one will see what I had to do.
And if they do, well, that's the way it goes.  
I'm sure my recipient will love it anyway.

Well, my days are still some what lazy,
the sky is still hazy,
and from not going too crazy
I keep putting in more stitches, one at a time.
Until Next Time-


  1. Such lovely pieces and a lot of time and patience! That is a nifty tip about closing the back of the pillows.

  2. Your cross stitch pieces are simply amazing! People say it takes patience to hand quilt, but I think cross stitch requires much more patience! They are just gorgeous! I am curious what you stuff the little pillows with if you are able to iron a fused piece onto it can you use a poly filling? Or maybe your fusible doesn't need ironing?

  3. OH wow! How lovely, is those pretty colors...just so pretty! I have some floss and I think an old cloth...hmmmm

  4. I love your cross stitch pieces. They are beautiful. Hugs

  5. IN those pretty colors, I meant!

  6. Kyle son tan bonitos, trabajo delicado, afortunados quienes los reciban

  7. Very nice, I have Winter at Rose Manor in my stash--I need to get her started.

  8. That’s a lot of cross stitching!! And 3 such beautiful pieces. Come into my garden is so lovely. I can’t find any fudge - it looks so pretty. I love the rickrack edge finish too :0)

  9. Beautiful stitching. Nothing beats the calm - even - look of cross stitch. It just makes me feel orderly and complete somehow.

  10. Your cross stitch pieces are lovely (totally agree with changing colors as desired!) and I LOVE your trick for closing a small pillow! So sorry you are having to experience the smoky atmosphere; fingers crossed that wild fire season ends soon.

  11. Your stitching is wonderful! I think things like little color choices that differ from the pattern or even shading anomalies in the original threads add a special touch that makes the piece uniquely yours, nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your late summer weather, fall is rapidly making its approach visible here!

  12. Oh MY! Three beautiful projects keeping you busy and they turned out fabulous. I cannot believe you got that little cut in your pillow to go invisible. Nice! And dang those borders (but I don't see an issues with yours). Must be someone VERY special receiving that.

  13. It wouldn’t be summer without lazy days. Sorry they are hazy. In my humble opinion, I would not consider the cross stitching pieces as being lazy. They are very nicely finished. I’m not going to look at the fudging either. They are all lovely!

  14. These are all so pretty! And three finishes all in one post! I too like fudge better than frogs. That gave me a chuckle.

  15. It looks like you have bee pretty busy this summer. Beautiful works, all of them.

  16. Beautiful cross stitch pieces! Kudos to you for all the finishes, especially the sneaky "seams" and fudge!

  17. Three wonderful pieces! Winter Rose Manor and Come Into My Garden are both lovely finishes. Both so soft and beautiful looking. And Hello Summer is a fun, Patriotic themed piece. You do very nice work, which comes as no surprise!

  18. Your cross stitch projects are just beautiful! I have the Winter Rose Manor pattern and a friend hand-dyed a piece of fabric for me. I may even have the floss even??? So many projects to keep straight. I like your pillow finishing idea as well. Fudge is waaaaay better than frogs!

  19. Oh, Kyle, your finishes are all so lovely, but Winter Rose Manor has my heart... I bought the chart when it first came out, but haven't started it yet. Way too many beautiful charts are in my stash and I know I'll never get to stitch them all. I do get such pleasure out of just leafing through them from time to time, though :) Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work!

  20. Oh, how beautiful, Kyle! I so admire all your summer finishes! That's such a clever tip to slit the back and then fuse a piece to cover it. Where do you display all your lovely pieces? Do you have a wall gallery?

  21. Oh Kyle, your cross stitch works are beautiful! Congratulations on your finishes - they look amazing.

  22. Wow, just wow. I love your cross stitching, especially the two framed projects. I love your colors - the softness. The designs are so pretty. Stitching a little each day keeps us going... and it all adds up.

  23. It is lovely to see your cross stitch pieces. Very different to making quilts!
    Yes, I hate stitching up pillows, cushions after filling them. I make my backing in two halves so there is seam in the back. I leave a gap in the back for turning etc, then stitch that together at the end. I tried it you way for a while but was never happy with the end result.
    I am very impressed with how well you matched the fabric.

  24. Love the delicacy of Winter Rose Manor - not sure that I've seen a pink background too often but it is fabulous. And as for fudging it, well, if someone has enough time to find out where things might have required an 'adjustment' or two, they are looking too close. Really lovely.

  25. Great stitcheries and clever closing of the back of the pillow! Hope the skies clear.

  26. I absolutely love your Rose Manor Stitchery. It is so GORGEOUS! AAAGGGHHH I love pink so I just swooned when I saw it.
    The little pillow is charming and the Garden Sampler is another stunner. Wow, I am so impressed and inspired. I have an old sampler somewhere around here. Maybe I should get that out.
    What a lovely lovely post.