Monday, August 30, 2021

August Mini

 My August mini is called

No Rhyme nor Reason
33" x 33"

I noticed there has been several bloggers, like Barbara
have been doing some tidying up of little bits and pieces
that had been accumulating.
I try and do the same thing as I end up with
small pieces leftover from a current project,
precutting different sizes of squares and strips.

Lately, I had even gone so far to sew some of the squares
into hst's with no plan in mind.
I thought, I probably should do something with them.

With a pile of quilt books
and a pile of hst's 
I found a pattern in 
Beyond the Battlefield 
by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

There was no event or plan or reason for choosing
this particular pattern, 
other than
I could use those half square triangles, 
it had some applique pieces,
and lots of red.

Add in some fun pinwheel blocks
and a flange binding and you've got a 
great combo.

Sometimes it important to
be a free spirit
and sew something 
for no rhyme or reason.

But speaking of a perfect combo....

"Garden fresh"

The garden is finally giving us some
perfect tomatoes.

Now go check out Wendy's blog,
for more free spirited quilters.

Until Next Time-


  1. A great use of leftovers! And I always like your flange bindings. We should all be free spirited more often!

  2. Love your little mini and the perfect use of your leftovers! Is that bruschetti? Looks yummy!

  3. Thanks, Kyle, for the link to my blog. What a wonderful August mini! Love all those pinwheels paired with fun red appliques. And of course, your flange binding is always the perfect finishing touch :)

  4. Love it and those pinwheels make an interesting border!

  5. You make such beautiful quilts. I really love this one. Hugs

  6. How lovely!!! Very pretty. I love to go and look and real gravestones; so much history...your pieces remind me of those old rounded gravestones.

  7. Delightful! I love all the reds. What a great way to use your hst's. It's a hit!

  8. What a gorgeous little mini Kyle! Pinwheels with red is a great combo. Your tomatoes look yummy 😋

  9. Oh yes! This is a perfect end of summer mini! Summer is so busy for most of us that just grabbing some leftover bits and putting them together makes all the sense in the world. This one is gorgeous. I love your flange edge too. Thanks for another great mini!

  10. Pure fun! And, if you can't have fun with your quilting, why bother? This is a perfect end-of-summer table topper, and your tomato "toppings" don't look bad either!

  11. Kyle tu mini de agosto es deliciosamente bello, una buena idea para utilizar tus recortes ¡¡me encanta!!

  12. Love it! The perfect use for all those leftover bits. Great pattern and colours, Kyle.

  13. I LOVE your mini (red is my favorite color) and I totally agree with your philosophy that it is good for the soul to make something for no reason other than the pure pleasure of the making! Those tomatoes look fabulous!

  14. That idea has worked out really well. Great way to use lots of leftover bits and pieces.
    And those tomatoes look delicious!

  15. Ooooo this is such a pretty medallion quilt. The red (I don't know what that shape is but that's such a cool looking border) then surrounded by the pinwheels - a lot of scrappy goodness and so fun! Hurray for summer tomatoes!

  16. what a great mini. Medallion quilts are so popular right now and this one wonderful.
    Love tomato season - enjoy

  17. Delightful, Kyle! The red and black give a little drama, and the pinwheels and HSTs take it in a comfortable, traditional direction. A fun and refreshing finish--kind of like the yummy food at the end of the post. :)

  18. Oh I just adore the applique addition to this sweet little quilt! Love it so much!:)

  19. Super darling Kyle! I love the "tongues" on the border!!
    Yum! Fresh tomatoes in summer- nothing better.

  20. Great mini! I love those appliqué shapes - what a fun idea!

  21. No Rhyme or Reason looks like a well-planned mini! The quilting lines compliment the piecing. An assumption is you quilted it on your sewing machine? Cheery, colorful Black-eyed Susans provide a pretty late-summer background. Enjoy your summer produce.

  22. Very cute with those tongues Kyle!

  23. That is so beautiful! The red and the appliqued pieces do make it look like it is so well planned. The flanged binding is a great touch.