Monday, November 26, 2018

November Small Quilt- Another One Done

With the Thanksgiving holiday over,

it's time to get back to a "normal" routine.
Well, at least for a couple days.

My Florida daughter and son-in-law are coming

to celebrate Christmas, birthdays,
and just being together.
They come and freeze, these two born and raised Colorado kids,
but it's wonderful to have them here.

So it's time to share my November small quilt,
which is part of the monthly challenge
coordinated by Wendy, the Constant Quilter.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
22" x 36"

This little quilt had it's beginning back in January, 2017.
It's when I started Primitive Gathering's Triangle Gatherings.

I made lots of  sets of triangle units,

even put together a few blocks, but

then staled out.
That ever happened to you?!
Of course it has!

Well, those little piles have stayed
together for almost 2 years.
Time to use 'em
move 'em, or loose 'em.

One of my favorite combos
is indigo blue with cheddar orange.
I had this fabulous cheddar strip and
it was telling me to use those blocks
in this simple pattern from
Jo Morton's book, Jo's Little Favorites III.

Most of the sewing was already done.
So it went together easily.

But look what I discovered when I set the
quilt up for its photo shoot.

Oh, well.
Such is life.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
You could be Humpty Dumpty.

I kept that fabulous color scheme going
on the back and

stretched a favorite remnant to make it work.

Thanks again, Wendy for
all this fun!
One more month and then another year?
Until Next Time-


  1. I love the blue and yellow together. This is a nice size and would make a great table runner.

  2. It is charming, Kyle! Absolutely adorable! Love this color palette--and no one will even see the boo-boo (if they haven't read this post). LOL
    That is a great turkey meme at the top, btw.

  3. That little independent block just marches to a different drummer, all while blending in with the band! I think most viewers will be seeing the gorgeous indigo and cheddar fabrics anyway. Love this one!

  4. Would it make you feel better if I PROMISE I didn't even notice that wayward block? This little quilt is beautiful just 'as is'.

  5. It is lovely! Those are my favourite colours and it has been a while since I made a quilt using those colours. Oh dear .... have you inspired me to start something new?! LOL

  6. I love your latest mini. Great fabrics. Have a great time with your family. Hugs

  7. Great use of those triangles--love it. It's one of my favorite color combos as well. Of course there had to be a little "humble" block showing up. If only setting the scale back really took care of those extra pounds--lol!

  8. Kyle disfruta de tus guapos hijos.
    La colcha es perfecta , me encanta

  9. In times past, didn't quilters say when an accident happened like that in their quilts, "I did it on purpose to give the quilt character!" ??? It works well for your quilt; it is indeed beautiful! ---"Love"

  10. What a lovely little quilt. Cheddar and navy are fabulous together. I always manage to get something turned around when I put a quilt together. I would never have noticed. Great way to use these Hst's!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family visiting :0)

  11. You are so funny! I would never have noticed that upside down block if you hadn't pointed it out. Now it just adds to the charm! I need to get the binding on my November mini and post it tomorrow. Thanks for your encouragement. And cheddar and indigo is one of my favorite combos too! Happy to hear you will have some family time with the Floridians. Turn up the heat and enjoy!

  12. Took me several looks to work out the I guess its not that obvious or I need glasses! Love the colour combination and the stripe is perfect, enjoy!

  13. Never would have noticed! I was so taken with the cheery indigo/cheddar pairing. A very fun little quilt - know you probably have extra quilts (slightly larger!) on hand for the Florida kids arrival - having grown up in the South, I well remember the transition to a colder climate! And a hot toddy in the evening really helps...

  14. I love those two colors together too! What a cute quilt! Almost every one of my quilts has an oops....

  15. Enjoy your family time.
    It is always lovely to have time together.
    Great finish on your quilt. And you do realise that if you had not pointed out the mistake the majority of us would never have noticed.

  16. Your quilt is beautiful and even with this mistake, it will be unique !!

  17. Love the cheddar and blue! You can always mix in those triangle gathering blocks in another quilt. I'm not one to stick with lengthy sew-alongs either. It's much "more funner" to stitch on what interests me at the moment I find the time to stitch. Too many starts?!

  18. Your monthly little quilt is fabulous--as always! Funny how easy it is to overlook a simple mistake like a turned block though it does makes you smile when it's discovered. Your fabric choices are so appealing. Congrats on finishing a UFO :)

  19. Oh yes! that is a great color combination. I also love the ooops block. The orphan blocks would make a nice little quilt too.
    love the vintage photos especially Humpty :)
    Enjoy your upcoming family time.

  20. It is a beautiful color combination, and yippie! a finished quilt. I wouldn't have noticed the oops block and you can always say you did it on purpose to add to the charm.

  21. Blue and cheddar look so good together, and your blocks/quilt look great Kyle. Have a great Christmas!

  22. All those wonderful cheddars! I tried a pumpkin flavored yogurt.....yuck! And I like pumpkin. Remind me not to buy it again.

    And remind your Florida daughter that Colorado can be so much nicer in the summertime. I can understand why they want to come around the holidays. You should, one year, pack all the Colorado family up and make a trip to Florida for Christmas.

  23. Great to use up some older blocks! The color selection is still wonderful regardless and I am totally admiring your 'oops'! Gives your little quilt a spot of character.:) lol

  24. Great fabric/color combo and inspired re-purposing - love the result! Have a wonderful time with your family!

  25. I always seem to have a GOOFY block in my quilts. That is what makes them interesting!