Monday, November 5, 2018

Bubbling With Excitement

Last week was bubbly good.
I've had time to sew
and I've got some travel plans.

I was able to machine applique 
the final border of my Sutton Grange.

Again, I used the 100wt poly Invisafil by Wonderfil.
The thread is so thin that it disappears right into
the weave of the fabric.

I used a tiny Overlock stitch, which is
stitch, stitch, stitch, zig-zag.  

The straight stitches
go right along the side of the applique and
the zig-zag holds it to the background.

I use the mirror image feature on my Bernina,
which makes it easier for me to stitch
along the right side of the applique piece.

The whole top is now together.

It's a beautiful design by Di Ford.

The next step is to figure out the machine quilting.
I'm going to work on it myself...eventually.

But in order to do that I need inspiration.
And what better place to get that, 
than to head to Houston

Besides doing lots of shopping, there will plenty of 
quilts to admire and study.  I'll be excited to
enjoy the beautiful quilts of many of my
blogging friends, Wendy, Janet, Karen, Barb,
I'm sure a few more.
Let me know if I've missed you.

And some of those friends will be there in person.
That will be extra treat!

It will be a whirlwind trip,
but a much needed one.
Running Man is coming to carry
the packages.
Isn't he a sweetheart!

Wish you were all coming too.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh là là... your quilt is simply awesome !! I have one spool of "invisa fil" by Wonderfil and it's super great !
    Enjoy your trip at the festival... I will go to Houston next year ! Can't wait !

  2. Oh how exciting! Do try to take a picture of yourself with one or all of our quilts. One day I will make it to Houston!! I adore your newly finished top. I've always said I could hand applique faster than I could on my machine because I get so frustrated, but this looks like a method I would like to try. You make it look effortless. Have a blast in Houston!

  3. Oh so lovely .... a great finish! Whenever I finish a very intensive top, I feel lost and wonder what will next get worked on. Have fun in Houston!

  4. You are such an inspiration. I love your quilt. Have fun in Houston. I would love to go their one day. Hugs

  5. Me too! When you return we can tag along on your trip in one of your posts, be sure to take your camera :) But, most of all have fun!
    Connie :)

  6. Not only is it a beautiful design, it is beautifully executed. Enjoy your quilting road trip - I'm certain there will be tales to tell!

  7. O Kyle, I am so happy for you! Have fun in Houston with all the Quilting friends and of course so much fabric, patterns, ideas, quilts, inspiration.....
    such a treat, a trip like that! Enjoy!

  8. Oh I so wish I was coming too! Your quilt is amazing and I am super impressed with your machine applique. I think machine applique is hard - trying to see what your doing with such tiny stitches and stay straight...two skill sets that I cannot achieve because I always want to go too fast on the machine! I have a Bernina too, though so I need to practise what you have taught us...and slow the speed down!

  9. What a beautiful top you have completed!
    How exciting to get to go to Festival in Houston--and to meet friends and their quilts!! Enjoy, and I will eagerly await your report. :)

  10. Oh boy, green with envy here! Houston Quilt Festival is on my bucket list. Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it afterwards, please.

  11. Congratulations on your Sutton Grange - it is a stunning quilt! And thank you for recommending the Invisifil thread line...I got my order from Red Rock and am anxious to give it a try on my Bernina too. Your applique stitching is wonderful. Houston is an overwhelming experience - know you will really enjoy it. Safe travels!

  12. Have a great time at the show!

  13. Oh what a beautiful quilt! Love how you machine appliqued the border. Have fun in Houston! Hope you find lots of goodies to bring home :)

  14. That`s one gorgeous quilt! I love your machine appliqué. I`ll have to try that invisible thread. Have a great time in Houston - I`m so envious!

  15. Spectacular... and such a challenging quilt to make... great job!

  16. Kyle fantástico edredón, me encanta.
    Me alegra que puedas disfrutar de los maravillosos trabajos expuestos en Houston
    Comparte fotos por favor
    ¡¡Que lejos esta para mi!!

  17. Great tip about using the mirror image feature on a Bernina. I shall have to keep tht in mind. What a fun trip planned. One day I hope to attend that show. Looking forward to perhaps seeing some photos of your trip.

  18. Stunning quilt and enjoy Festival.

  19. Oh lucky you to get to attend the quilt show. I have been three times over the years. It can be overwhelming and exhausting but oh so fun and interesting. Maybe someone will take your picture in front of the friends' quilts.
    Your Di Ford design quilt is marvelous!

  20. Fantastic work on your quilt! So so lovely. And congrats on the trip to the quilt show! Gonna be so much fun!!

  21. Sutton Grange is lovely! I'm sure you will find all kinds of inspiration in Houston - enjoy!

  22. Your Sutton Grange is just beautiful Kyle!!! Thank you so much for showing in detail how you've made this such a do-able quilt, lots of ideas to file away in my mind. Have fun at Houston, can't wait to read about your adventures and inspirations that you'll find.

  23. Your quilt top is absolutely stunning! What an accomplishment and it will get even better after quilting. I too like the invisafil thread. I haven't tried it for machine applique' yet,but I will.
    I know you'll have a wonderful time in Houston. Oh my, the Shenandoah Valley quilts are going to be such a wonderful exhibit! I hope you take loads of photos!! safe travels.

  24. I too use this “invisible” machine Applique technique. I haven’t tried that exact brand of thread - I will try it. Your top is just gorgeous in every way! I know you must be having fun in Houston and we will all be patient waiting to see your photos!

  25. Your quilt is wonderful! After doing machine applique on my Mrs. Billings top, I'm thinking it may be the only way to get all the projects I want to do done! I know your are having a great time in Texas!