Thursday, September 28, 2017

September's UFO List

Despite the fact that I'm 
in full swing of being a nanny Nana
I've made some progress on

Any forward progress is 
a reason to celebrate.

A couple of weekends ago
 there was challenge
to "sew a jelly roll".
To be honest, I don't buy 
many precuts,
but looking over my UFO list 
 I remembered I had 
"make a Mondo Bag"

I knew it was a sign.
Time to work on this.

I combined a well cured
Fig Tree jelly roll and a 
very mature pattern and 
started sewing.

A long time ago I have made lots of the 
Quilt Smart Smart Bags.

All this bag takes is 
two fat quarters,
one for the bag and one for the lining.
And, of course,
the Quilt Smart fusible
preprinted interfacing.

Making a Mondo Bag
was just as easy.
The fusible interfacing has
all the necessary lines printed on it,
where to cut and where to sew
and what direction to press.

Using a jelly roll is a quick
way to get a variety of  2.5" squares.
Cut, fuse, sew.
Nothing could be easier.

 Here are the squares fused to
the interfacing.

If you're careful, you're
 able to get enough squares for two Mondo Bags
out of one jelly roll.
One bag for you and one for a friend.
Once you've bought the pattern,
you can buy the interfacing panels separately
and make as many as you want.

Over the years
I've had bag envy with many
of my quilting friends and their Mondo Bags.
The size and shape is perfect
for carrying beautiful quilts 
for show and tell to your local guild meeting.
Well, mine was finally done

and became my show and tell
for September.

Another project off the list.

There are several projects
that are getting close to being done.
It's going to be a sprint
to the finish.
I've appreciated Meredithe's
fun UFO's list and accountability.
I have actually stayed pretty focused!

Until Next Time-


  1. Wee! What a great bag. I have to admit I'm not familiar with the Mondo Bag. It's great and your jelly roll was such a pretty way to go. How big is it?
    Yay for you to have another check on the list!
    I can't believe people would actually use a big sheet to pop people into the air. lol can you imagine the liability today??
    super super cute halloween bag too :)

  2. Your Modo Bag is beautiful Kyle ! Congratulations !
    Today I am making a pouch for me ..... It's the first time and I'm not a specialist ouch ! ;)
    Have a lovely day !

  3. Love the bag! And I think you are doing great to still be able to locate the list at this point in the year. Good for you, and I always enjoy seeing what's happening in your sewing room.

  4. I was just looking at my UFO list yesterday and yes, it will certainly be a sprint to the finish for me. Fortunately, I just have to show "progress" on things and not actual finishes...right?!?

    I love the style your Mondo bag and the fabrics are pretty. Congratulations on your success :)

  5. Great bag, perfect for show 'n tell! And now you have that jelly roll out of your stash, it must have been there a long time as I recognize the collection, nearly vintage but definitely a "goodie."

  6. You turn your sewing machine into a magical experience . . . everything you touch turns to pure gold :)

  7. Kyle precioso y practico bolso,
    Me gusta la bolsa Halloween

  8. What a fun, pretty bag!! I did very well the first half of the year on my ufo's...then I started wandering. Back on track soon!!

  9. I love your Mondo bag. It looks like such a great size. That jelly roll aged just enough - it's so pretty! You are doing amazing with your list some of your projects are very ambitious.

  10. I love it Kyle! Such pretty fabric and what a stellar bag. You are doing very well at working that 17 for 2017 list! Way to go!

  11. Good job! Love the fabric you used and the pattern of the bag! Perfect for a quilty visit with friends!

  12. Such a pretty Mondo bag - you sure made use of that jelly roll! BTW - do we get to carry over any unfinished projects on our 2017 list to 2018? :-)

  13. What a lovely bag and the fabrics are so pretty! You're making great progress with your UFO List! Yay!

  14. Great bag, and so useful, I love it made with that coordinating jelly roll. And, I always love seeing your blog posts for all those great photos you find!

  15. The Halloween fabric made a very cute bag. Good idea.

  16. I love your Mondo bag! It looks like a great size and the fabrics are so pretty. I wanted to sew along with the jelly roll challenge, but just couldn't fit it in. Glad you were able to participate and check something off of your list--a double bonus!

  17. So happy you were able to finish up your Mondo Bag! It's a terrible, shameful feeling to have any sort of quilt envy.:) hehe

  18. You've done very well with the list - very proud of you - and what a super bag! Your projects are always so beautifully finished too.

  19. Beautiful bag! I had not heard of Quilt Smart fusibles before, I guess I will have to give them a try. Congrats on staying focused on your UFO list!

  20. Love your jelly Roll bag! I love the method of fuse then sew, will have to look out for this fusible :)

  21. I love the bag! I might have to think about using one of my jelly rolls!

  22. Great bag, I have never seen this pattern before but might have to go hunting on the web for it now, thank you!