Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why Not

I confess.

I tried to be strong.

I tried to hang in there

and resist temptation,

but I just got giddy with

the thought of just playing,
starting something new, and
abandoning "the list"

Why Not!
Nothing big.
Just something to give me the 
opportunity to play and dig in the fabric bins.

A couple of weeks ago I 
bought Jo Morton's new book

and went exploring in my fabric closet
for some some inspiration.

I found a bag with some fall fabrics I had
purchased, well, let's just say awhile ago.

I don't remember what the original plan was.
It doesn't matter. There's a new plan.

It's given me the chance to dig in the stash.
Play and audition fabrics.
 No pressure.

Just lovely fun.

Now the fabrics are cut for hst's

Maybe someone will have a long nap this afternoon
and then there might be even be some sewing.


My Florida daughter and son-in-law
can now wear the official T-shirt

"I survived Irma"

They have been house bound for a week,
but Kate finally headed out to the Seminole Museum,


where she works as museum director, to do
 some damage assessment.
Hopefully, all is well. 
What an incredibly exhausting week for
everyone in Florida
and for the nervous moms
who live somewhere else.
Until Next Time-


  1. Isn't it fun to do something with no time limits and no commitments. Time to play! I have two more quilts that I want to do as gifts this year and then I'm going to have some playtime in the barn. I have a big internet order of fabric on it's way to add to my stash. Last month I purchased a roll of batting, so I'm ready for winter, or as I like to call it, Quilting Season. These fall colors that you picked out of your stash are wonderful. Oh, and if I didn't tell you this before, I have been wanting to do an all red and white quilt and that fat quarter that you sent is going to be prefect. I love the little word "stitch" written into the fabric. Thank you again for the lovely gift. I do have a link to your blog on my latest post.
    Have fun playing with your fall fabric.
    Connie :)

  2. Glad your family is okay. And I agree, there is nothing better than playing in your stash and auditioning fabrics for a NEW project.

  3. Always loads of fun to rummage through the stash, and a small project sounds like the perfect way to get into fall sewing and decorating. Have fun! So glad your Florida relatives are safe. So many have lost so much, it's heartbreaking.

  4. Looks like you found a fun new project to squeeze in between!
    Glad your family is okay in Florida! My heart Goes out to all the poor people who lost their homes!

  5. A new project is exciting - those fabrics look perfect for fall. I haven't looked through that book yet but it looks very tempting :0) Glad your family was safe!

  6. I know that giddy feeling - no good resisting! Glad you getting the chance to fit in some sewing - looks like a lovely start in those yummy seasonal fabrics. It must be such a relief to have family safe with a disaster like that.

  7. You find the best old photos to go with your blog topic.
    I purchased the Jo book that you show. I have not made anything but it is fun to look.

  8. Why not, indeed! I've been eyeing that book too (to buy) but am doing a good enough job of being distracted by things I see on Pinterest, so no book for now. Looking forward to seeing where your new adventure takes you, even if it is only during nap time.

  9. Hope all the news from your family is good. Not something you really want to experience, but guess hurricanes are a part of living life in Florida. I have been resisting buying book #2, but as I have made 3 mini quilts (4th in progress) from #1 book, I think you could only consider book 2 a sound investment! What made me laugh was your fabric, as I am saying to myself, hmmm I have that, and that and suspect some of that too! Enjoy, looks like a great pattern!

  10. Kyle que bonita entrada !!!
    El libro de Jo parece interesante
    Me alegra que tu hija se encuentre bien.
    Pienso las familias de Florida.

  11. Good news from Florida and I'm glad your family is OK !!
    Your book is a real temptation and your fabrics awesome ! Have fun Kyle !

  12. What a wonderful feeling! Thanks for mentioning Jo's new book. I just ordered a copy :) Love the fabrics from your stash and can't wait to see what you do with them. So glad to hear your family is safe :)

  13. You have been so good sticking to your list of projects to complete! Besides, who can resist a fall project and a Jo Morton one to boot! Have fun with it. Can't wait to see your project done. Glad the kids in Florida are safe!

  14. WHAT? You've thrown aside the planned projects for something totally spontaneous? Sounds like a good plan to me!!!!! I have that book too and all of the quilts in it are so delightful! I'm sure you'll have this small quilt done just in time to enjoy for the fall season - wonderful fabrics you've chosen!

  15. I am so relieved to hear that your daughter and son in law are o.k. What an ordeal indeed. I hope those little ones allow for some progress on this wonderful project. I love everything Jo Morton does. Have fun!

  16. I look forward to seeing what you create with those lovely fabrics.

  17. Glad to hear that the Florida family is okay. You had to have been so worried!

    I found myself to be worried about each blogger friend that was in Florida as if they were family.

    Meanwhile your ability to match these old photos to your post is always a delight. Love these fabric colors for the new project! :)

  18. A small detour from "the list" sounds like a great idea! Speaking from experience, hurricanes suck. All that anticipation on the front end, then the storm and days without power and other amenities on the other end. After spending most of my life on the Gulf Coast, I'm ready to retire somewhere else!

  19. Why not indeed! You deserve a little fun after all that anxious waiting. So glad all your family are ok.

  20. Very yummy warm and comforting color palette. And Jo's books are always good at getting the quilting heart ready to jump in! My own 17 in 2017 is actually beginning to work for me as I add more check offs. But totally understand the pull of something new.
    Have fun with your stitching - know you will create something very pretty. Such horrible storms and your relief to know the kids are ok is immense.

  21. So happy your daughter came through the storm safely.
    Happy Stitching!

  22. Glad to hear your family is okay and getting out - I hope there isn't too much damage at the museum. what a neat building! Great vintage photos!
    Lovely fall project with those yummy colors