Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hello Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season.
I love all the colors of the changing leaves.
The crisp air.
I remember the huge piles of leaves
that we as kids would run and jump  in.

Maybe it's enjoying the comforts of home and
that would definitely include quilts.

Last week I finished up 

 Leaf Peepers
36" X 36"

It was inspired from Jo Morton's
newest book,
Jo's Little Favorites, II.
I enjoyed sewing autumn browns and
aspen golds together.

I had several choices that I thought
would work for the setting triangles.

I decided on the most subtle print
which is a rich warm maple red.

I quilted it as Jo suggested with 
a simple checkerboard grid using an
Aurifil #28 in Chestnut brown.

I love how the thread sits on top of the quilt
top and seems to add more texture.
I plan on using this weight of thread again.

This was a sweet quilt to stitch
and now it's ready to use.

Until Next time-


  1. Oh Kyle, that is just lovely. My favorite colors and designer, it truly says fall! Well done!

    1. Carolyn, I tried sending you a reply multiple times but for some reason it said you email address was incorrect.

  2. I love fall time too! Much of my time is spent raking leaves, in the cooler breeze. What a fun autumn it!

  3. I remember diving into piles of leaves too; what fun that was! Your little quilt is beautifully pieced and quilted; good job! ---"Love"

  4. What a lovely little fall quilt, the colors are perfect! Fall is our favorite season of the year as well, just wish it lasted a bit longer.

  5. Kyle precioso edredón!!
    esta tan bonito en tu mesa, y ese centro de calabazas me encanta

  6. Your doll quilt is beautiful with fall colors... This is my favourite season too !
    Enjoy !

  7. What a beautiful fall quilt! I love that red setting fabric and the scrappy browns :0) It must have been fun to work on - I can't believe it's quilted, bound and ready to use already.

  8. Fall is so cozy and golden--I love everything about it! Leaf Peepers is perfect. (On my first visit to New England in the Fall, I was amused to learn that we seasonal visitors were referred to by the locals as "Peepers".)
    It looks gorgeous on the table with that lovely Autumn display. Is that a vintage trencher?

  9. What a lovely completed project. Looks lovely on your table.

  10. What a beautiful Autumn quilt! It makes me want to curl up by the fire. I love the Fall as well. I hope you get lots of stitching in as the leaves begin to turn.

  11. That quilt really came out nice. I do love the quilting and the way your described the thread sitting on top, perfect. Happy Autumn :)

  12. I have Jo Morton's first book and love it, so seeing your beautiful table topper makes me think I need to buy the second book! Cheddar and brown, love it! Always pair cheddar with blue, but love this combo.

  13. I love your autumn table top - the little quilt is just perfect there! Enjoy the season :)

  14. Oh I love this quilt. Autumn is my favorite time of year. This little quilt sings to me. Hugs

  15. Beautiful and I love how you displayed it.

  16. It's a beauty Kyle! I love Jo Morton's patterns. Absolutely lovely on your table.

  17. Warm and cozy color choices - goes perfectly with your pumpkin arrangement! Crosshatching worked perfectly on this too...Jo’s books are such classics and never disappoint.

  18. Such rich and beautiful colors. Love your little autumn quilt, it looks perfect on your table! Enjoy autumn! I can't wait to enjoy your beautiful state next week! Even if it is only for one day!

  19. Fall is my favorite too! love the colors, the angle of the sun and the cool temps (still waiting for them here in CT).
    your new fall quilt is fabulous. Love the colors and the quilting is just right.
    It looks smashing on your table!

  20. Your new little quilt is perfect in every way--great colors, fabrics, and a beautiful setting! Love it!

  21. I love pretty much everything Jo! Her designs are just gorgeous and yours turned out so beautiful! Love it on the table AND how pretty your simple centerpiece.

  22. Beautiful!! Love these rich fall colors. So lovely to work with appropriate colors for the season--at least on occasion!

  23. Lovely finish! It invokes the feeling of Fall perfectly!

  24. So pretty, Kyle! I agree, the 28 wt is great for quilting. And I agree about the warm fall colours too! Great finish!

  25. I love fall colors. I do not hve Jo's newest book though it is on my list for future purchase. Your small quilt makes a good fall display piece.
    By the way, the ospreys have not returned to their nests. No sign of them in our several drive-bys.

  26. Somehow, I think the photographer was having more fun that those kids buried in the leaves--lol! Your little quilt is adorable and perfect for your fall decorating--love it!

  27. Perfectly beautiful, and just finished in time for the changing of the seasons.

  28. The perfect Autumn quilt - congrats on your beautiful finish. Even though I'm enjoying our current Spring weather, Autumn is my favourite season with its warm days and crisp cool nights, enjoy!

  29. The perfect quilt for autumn, Kyle. Love the colours and the quilting - it will be fun to see it on your table every autumn.

  30. Pretty, pretty quilt! I'll have to try some of that Aurifil thread one of these days. I always like to wash my quilts when they're finished, so maybe the thread doesn't matter since it kinda disappears in the puckers. LOL I have Jo's book too - I should try making some of the quilts instead of just looking at all the pretty pictures!

  31. Happy Fall!
    I hope you have a big pile of leaves to play in...