Thursday, February 23, 2017

What's Up Now?

The strategy of Meredithe's
17 UFO's in 2017
has been a good one for me so far.
Progress, progress, progress.

So far
I worked on and finished two quilts that were 
"fast to finish" and the latest was 
one that had a "current deadline".

So what's up now?
Two quilts.

One is a "Long Term" project
and the other one is "something I love to work on". 

I've actually been hand quilting 
since the first of the year
Noah and Matilda,
an antique reproduction applique 
pattern from 

Winter evenings are the perfect time
to get underneath the quilt and 
I had my machine quilter baste 
it for me.  That is something
I would highly recommend especially for
big full size quilts.
It's been working perfectly. 

I've been quilting the feathered wreaths
before the light pencil markings disappear
and then around the appliques.

 It's starting to fill in.

My handquilting montra has
always been 
"just a hoop a day"
and to always finish the thread in my needle
before quitting for the day.

That's added up to a lot of stitches over time.
I'm far from done, but 
it's making progress!

The second quilt is the 
Dutch Medallion I started last year
which was the 2016 Mystery quilt  
found in Quiltmania and designed by

I had gotten this far last summer
with still two more pieced borders to go.
It's not a mystery anymore, and that's 
fine with me.

The next border was added on 
and a vine appliqued in place.

I was eager to try the newest Aurifil  thread,
the ultra thin #80 weight cotton.
It's marvelous.
It's melts into the fibers and completely 
disappears.  I've tried fine silk threads before and
it was continually slipping out of the eye of the needle.
This doesn't do that, at least, with my
sewing style.
I'm super pleased.

Now there's a lot of EPP
to work on.

But it's so fun working with the 
beautiful patterns on the Dutch fabrics
that I covet and use every little bit.
Maybe someday I'll be able to get more!

I love making progress on this quilt. 
It's exactly what quilting should be.

Until Next Time- 


  1. What gorgeous quilts you have in the works!! Love your saying, "Just a hoop a day". It is those dedicated pieces of time that have you finishing that amazing quilt!!

  2. I am sure you will get some more of those fabrics soon!
    The quilt is going to be awsome! And your quilting on the Noah and Mathilda quilt is beautiful!

  3. It's all starting to come together nicely!! I always wished I'd taken the time to practice hand quilting. But too late now--so many projects, not enough time! I'm sure there will still be lots of UFO's when I hang up the needle so need to clear out as many as possible now!! LOL

  4. Your hand quilting on Noah and Matilda is beautiful! Your hoop a day has taken you far.
    LOVE the Dutch chintz prints.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. These are two very beautiful quilts. I am so thrilled that they make you happy. I really like your hoop a day philosophy. It is eating that elephant one bite at a time for sure. Love your EPP too.

  6. All of your projects are so lovely! I'm drooling over each pic!

  7. You make such heirloom pieces, and I stand in awe!
    Very nice progress on your lovely hand quilting.
    Your Dutch Medallion is going to be another stunner!

  8. These projects are both so lovely! Your handquilting is marvellous :0) Love, love the feathered wreaths! Your other project is so beautiful - I love those Dutch chintzes as well. Enjoy!

  9. Your hand quilting is beautiful and you're so right about the hoop a day. It always adds up! Love those Dutch fabrics so much! I can see where they'd be an absolute delight to work on.:)

  10. You amaze me with your work and your small (tiny) hand stitches. I love visiting your blog . . . I don't think I have enough years or good eyesight to ever get to your ability, but I won't stop working on it. I have a question for you. My thread is always knotting and getting tangled while hand-quilting . . . is there a thread or a hint that would stop this from happening all the time? I appreciate your in-put.
    Connie :)

  11. Wow, you are making great progress with your 2017 list. Beautiful quilting on Noah and Matilda. And I just love those Dutch fabrics. That quilt is going to be fantastic! Sounds like you are in "quilt heaven" :)

  12. Beautiful hand quilting, so nice to see feathers. Your making excellent progress on your to do list given its only February!

  13. I read a quote that said the quilt never worked on will never get finished so you are doing a great job on making progress towards that end. Keep up the good work.

  14. You are making beautiful progress on your 17 UFOs in 2017 list. I do so admire anyone who hand quilts, your beautiful work on Noah and Matilda is inspiring. Also love your fabrics and skill on Sue Garman's quilt in your last post - I'm going to enjoy following you on that one.

  15. Your feather wreaths are so lovely! I'd love to build my handquilting speed to a hoop a day. That only happens when I'm speeding along a linear border and don't need to turn the hoop constantly or deal with seams. Your Dutch fabric stars are simply glorious, and it's good to hear your review of the Aurifil 80 thread. I love all things Quiltmania, and that quilt pattern is no exception. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  16. You are doing some very pretty quilting on Noah and Matilda. They would be proud to have such fine stitching done in their name.
    I wish our local quilt shop carried the 80 wt. thread. I am going to look online and see if I can find a source.

  17. Such lovely quilting on your Noah and Matilda quilt! You are making great progress on it too, a hoop a day is a good plan. I love the beautiful Dutch fabrics in your Dutch Medallion. Thank you so much for your take on the Aurifil 80 wt. thread. I have been eyeing it but hesitated to order it. I love my silk thread, but it is such a bother to re-thread it when I lose it out of the eye. Do you have a favorite place to order your threads?

  18. What a joyful post with so much beauty and inspiration. Your hand quilting looks wonderful - I miss mine! A hoop a day is a great approach for sure!
    Your dutch stars are sew sweet :)
    Loved seeing your mystery quilt. I'm intrigued by the new thread. I've been using silk, but it is slippery. I'll look for it.
    Happy Weekned - thanks for a wonderful post.

  19. Wonderful post - so much to love!! Your quilting is looking just gorgeous and I also like the 'hoop a day' target. Good thinking to quilt the marked sections first. I always go to outline the applique first but then any markings do get partly rubbed off in the process - will keep that in mind! I'm looking forward to trying this thread - have loved the 50wt Aurifil cotton but this sounds like even better. Interesting what you say about silk thread - exactly what I found. I also find silk doesn't grab the fabric as reliably so parts of applique are loose..but maybe that's just my stitching lol. Those little stars are a delight and the Dutch fabrics so beautiful.

  20. What a treat to see the lovely handquilting on your Noah and Matilda and then that medallion with the beautiful fabrics! Love it.

  21. I'm so pleased our strategy is working for you, Kyle! Your hand quilting is beautiful; it's amazing how it can change the look of a quilt. Looks like it won't take you long to finish the mystery quilt.

  22. Your hand stitches are just awesome and no doubt your quilt will be a masterpiece !
    Are the Aurifil threads perfect for appliqué ? Never used them but I'm tempted....your pieced blocks are beautiful ! I can't wait for the result !

  23. I love your Noah and Matilda quilting. I'm working a list for 2017 also. I just got some Aurifil applique thread and absolutely love it. Hugs

  24. The Dutch Medallion quilt is wonderful! I also tried the new Aurifil thread for applique and really like it. I am still using silk in some cases - I switch back and forth. If you knot your thread at the needle with the silk thread you won't lose you needle. Just something I picked up from Jane Townswick in one of her classes.

  25. The quilting on your Noah & Matilda is looking so Beautiful!
    Your Dutch Medallion quilt is also looking amazing. Very intricate piecing and beautiful fabrics, this will be another stunning finish.

  26. Oh my--all your projects are coming along beautifully! I am really enjoying the 80 wt. Aurifil too. Silk thread makes me crazy! Those little stars are adorable--I'm going to have to dig out my magazines and check out that mystery!

  27. I have not seen that fine Aurifil before. Another new thing to try! Both projects are looking wonderful. Both will be heirlooms, I think!

  28. Your hand quilting is beautiful. I love your posts!

  29. Your hand quilting is beautiful. I love your posts!