Friday, February 10, 2017

Only Slightly Distracted

I did so well
during January,
but now...
 I've encountered a few
fun distractions.
Why not!

I said I wasn't going to do it,
is a medallion quilt designed
by Sue Garman.
I have always admired her work and
with her passing, I knew I wanted to make
probably one of the last patterns she designed.
  After choosing the the initial fabrics,

 then expanding the palette,

 and then doing some auditioning

it was time to 
 challenged myself to get down and
familiar once again with paper piecing.

It wasn't as complicated as I had remembered.
There were only a few do overs.
So I felt good and the results
were spot on!

16.5" center block

This week my email had the 
first clue of the Semi-Mystery Quilt 
I've done two of their mysteries before
and find them fun and challenging so...
the third one is the charm, right?

I've been hanging on to a layer cake
from Benartex and
a bright fat quarter packet from
Fat Quarter Shop

that I had planned to use in a quilt for my Florida
daughter.  With white backgrounds,
I think it has the feel
of hot tropical breezes.

8" finished blocks

Okay, I had resisted since January,
but I finally
started having fun with Lisa Bongean's
2017 Triangle Gatherings.

I spent last week making about 20 sets of HSTs.
Each block takes 16 pieces.
I decided to do
navy and cheddar and see what

 I've been using three different products to 
make my HSTs, Thangles,
Triangles on a Roll, and the PG Triangle Papers
designed by Lisa.
Thangles work great for strips,
the Triangles on a Roll works
well for larger pieces of fabrics,
and the PG Triangle papers work perfectly
with charm squares.

There's a place for everything.
Which one rips the easiest?
I'd vote for Triangles on a Roll.  The paper
is the thinnest. 
Patterns 1-5
6" finished blocks

Well, you can see that I have
branched out a little and 
have only become slightly distracted.
 It's funny what we can add in
and it just becomes part of the circle of  life. (quilting)
Have fun. I am.
Until Next Time-


  1. You just make the best quilts EVER!!!

  2. Love your new projects and color palettes, Kyle! What fun! Sue Garman's BOM is going to be beautiful with all those neutrals; perfect tropical fabrics for your FL daughter; and can't wait to see what you do with the blue/cheddar triangles. Thanks for your triangle papers critique :)

  3. Oh, Kyle, you make me want to cave in and start a new project!! And I have been strong for over a year at not joining SALs.
    Each one of these projects is gorgeous--yours always are. But the one that really made me open my eyes wider and take a second look is the Primitive Triangles. I have been saving the patterns, but not making them. My goodness, they are stunning in navy and cheddar!!
    I will share another option for triangle papers. I bought Triangulations software a few years ago. You can print every size HST papers imaginable--page after page after page. For paper I bought a pack of 500 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" newsprint on Amazon, very inexpensive. I foundation paper piece a lot of stuff on my minis and I haven't made a dent in the paper. It tears away very easily when you shorten your stitch length.

  4. Three gorgeous starts, and you can work on each according to your mood that day. Looking forward to seeing each one as you progress!

  5. Fantastic new projects!! I love your color palette for the Sue Garman quilt - it's going to be gorgeous!! I still have to set the blocks I made for the last Thimblecreek mystery so I'm not letting myself start this one... yet... 😃 I love all the endless possibilities with hst's - cheddar and navy are such a great combination. It's going to be fun to watch yur progress with these 3 new projects!!

  6. Your three new projects are just awesome but I admit, my favourite is the quilt of Sue Garman ! I love the colors and fabrics you used !

  7. Distraction is what quilting is all about (at least for me) and your distractions are sensational! LOVE the indigo and cheddars!

  8. I like how you used a focused fussy cut fabric in the middle for a medallion center. You fabric choices are soft and subtle. Will make a very pretty quilt.

  9. So many fun projects to work on. All so different and all so pretty!

  10. So many projects and they all are gorgeous. I love your fabric choices and your points and corners come together so perfectly. I would be ashamed to have you look at my quilts very closely. I've got so much to learn, but I think I learn a little something with each one I do. I Love Your Blog!
    Connie :)

  11. Well I am glad you got distracted! Such wonderful projects! The word that comes to mind for your Sue Garman project is, Elegant. It is just going to be beautiful. Your mystery quilt looks totally Fun. Oh My! I was resisting those Triangle blocks, but now I don't know, yours look so tempting in their blue and cheddar fabrics, Thanks for the info on the triangle papers.

  12. I dont think we are going to "peg" your style based on this post! Wow, I love each of these projects, but they are all so different - not just the colours/styles. My favorite is the bright 8" star blocks, perfect for beach life and clear starry nights.

  13. Love the very different colours there - you won't get bored. The neutrals centre is stunning! You make it all look so easy and so neat Kyle - wish I could machine piece like that - so inspiring! Must be something about this time of year, maybe the lull after Christmas ...I found myself starting two or three new projects too - definitely distracted!

  14. Your all-neutral Halo quilt will be lovely. Everything looks great -- it's a good time for a few fresh starts!

  15. Well, these projects will keep you busy and out of trouble, lol! I especially like the medallion quilt you started.

  16. All yours projects are amazing and you are so fast working!

  17. Amazing projects each one so different then the other ! Looking forward to watching your progress

  18. What a fun variety of colors and fabrics and projects! Delightful distractions :)

  19. All 3 projects are amazing Kyle!
    I love your beautiful neutral theme for the Sue Garman BOM.
    Your center medallion is Gorgeous!
    Can't wait to follow the progression of each of these projects.

  20. WOW, a lot of wonderful projects !

  21. Gorgeous distractions! I especially love the center medallion for Sue Garman's quilt - very tempting!

  22. A gorgeous feathered star! I'm still a little afraid to try those little paper-pieced points.
    I love the fabrics in your other projects - so cheery!

  23. That medallion block is one of the most beautiful blocks I've ever seen. You really have a knack for putting these fabrics together so that each one has a chance to shine. I don't have that gift with a neutral palette. I've tried but I'm more successful with other colors. I really admire your ability. The blocks for your daughter are just delicious. Good to know about Thangles on a roll being easier to tear away. Your navy and cheddar blocks turned out really nice. You have a nice variety of cheddar.

  24. The medallion in the neutrals is amazing. Can't wait to see the pattern for the tropicals.

  25. Absolutely gorgeous! All 3 of them! I love the medallion with the neutrals...and the saturated colors of your triangle challenge. Simply amazing! Sew on!

  26. I was so saddened to hear of Sue Garman's passing, but she would be thrilled with your interpretation of her pattern - it's a wonderfully sophisticated palette. Nothing wrong with a few distractions - it's what makes us quilters. One project feeds off another.

  27. Lots of lovely distraction and great fun too. I do love the Florida daughter's quilt fabrics. Can't wait to see how they all work out.

  28. What a lovely Sue Garman for the raffle quilt. The subtle colors are very nice. Reminds me of the quit that Hilda did.
    Wee - love those cheddar and blue blocks.
    I agree with you, TOAR are the thinnest and best papers.
    Variety is the spice of life - have fun

  29. Well that's the most beautiful variety of distractions I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to seeing them progress.

  30. I love your blue and cheddar triangles--very nice! I've been trying to resist all three of these sew alongs, but seeing your versions is making it hard--lol!

  31. Such wonderful projects. I love your center medallion feathered star. It is really beautiful. Hugs

  32. Gorgeous projects Kyle! I recently made the center block for a medallion quilt I want to do - yours looks like it will be wonderful - and a great remembrance of Sue - love the low volume color palette you're using. The navy & cheddar is spectacular - first time I've seen that triangle project in those colors - very original! And the brights will be so fun - you are very very busy and productive. Thanks for all the eye candy!

  33. What a great find to see your blog! First of all, your Triangle Gatherings blocks are awesome. I love navy and cheddar and I think doing them all in the same color theme makes perfect sense!
    I LOVE the block you made for Sue Garman's quilt (so sad!). And the fabrics are terrific. Feathered Star is one of my all-time favorite blocks!
    And I even also love the blocks you made for your Florida daughter! So much fun.