Monday, March 6, 2017

Photo Journals

When I'm with a quilt group,
large or small, and it's show and tell,
someone will always say,
" And I have a label!".
This is always followed with a big smile
and a finger pointed right at me.

I have suggested, encouraged,
and preached about the need to label
and document the works of art we create.
Most of my quilty buddies have caught on to
the importance of a label,
but still like to emphasis their good deeds
of labeling by letting me know.
Proud of you, dear friends.

Over the past couple of years I've taken my 
documenting to another fun place.

I've been making photo books.

They've been lots of fun to make and
it's such a feeling of accomplishment to
look at my quilts using
this format.

The company I've been using is Shutterfly.
The quality is first rate.
They have sales all the time, which
is a good thing too.
There are probably other companies
that offer the same quality. I'm just familiar
with this one.

Each of the 6 books
I've done so far is in the 10" x 10" size.

Using Shutterfly's website
is easy and can make your photos
look quite professional with the
editing capabilities.
There are lots of options
and possibilities.

If you've been a blogger for awhile
you already have photos
documenting your work.

Putting them into a book
is the perfect next step.

I decided not to include much
information about each quilt,

but rather let the photos tell the story.

I started a couple years ago and
began by working with the current year
and then slowly working backwards.

I've got my photos ready for
and as soon as I have a block of time
I'll be ready to make
my next book.

It's a fun way to
photo journal and
to see how my quilts and styles
have changed over the years.

 They're  a real page turner.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh my goodness Kyle, this is such a very good idea! Your books are absolutely beautiful. I love that you have done this. Your family have a treasure in the beautiful quilts you make as well as a documented history of all the quilts. Fantastic job.

  2. OMG !! That's a brilliant idea ! And I discover your quilts...they are awesome and .....many !! WOW !
    Congratulations for all this stunning production !
    And I aggree with you for the label ! It's our mark for the future !

  3. Kudos for promoting labels on quilts! I am the "Kyle" of my group too. Guess it is because we are so interested in history, we want to preserve today's history! Love the Shutterfly idea. I found "Blog 2 Print" from a fellow blogger and now I have 3 years of my blog in print. It is not inexpensive, but oh so easy! I didn't have to arrange anything. I think your idea is a much better showcase of your quilts and I just may take the time to do a few. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Wonderful idea with the books. Barb Vedder does that too. I have seen a set of books in person but family related (no quilts). Good quality.

  5. :D Good for you with getting folks to put labels on! I'm having fun when I label this currently-being-bound quilt - using the name tape area of Scott's old uniforms. And thank you for sharing the Shutterfly source of making a book of our quilts. I was just thinking this weekend that I want to do that with my work.

  6. Love this idea. I had thought about doing this with the photos I have of my Mom's quilts, but for some reason hadn't considered doing my own.
    Hey, Running Man makes a great quilt model! : )

  7. What a fabulous idea. It's a great way to keep track of the quilts we make and give away, too! Thanks for the suggestion!! I also love Wendy's idea to publish her blog posts! Such great ideas from bloggers!

  8. Kyle, your quilts are amazing! And you have so many you can make a book each year! All mine would fit in one book.
    I agree that it is important to label your quilt. If only quilter's had done it in the past......

  9. What beautiful books you have made!! What a great idea! I'd love to look through each one:0)

  10. This is awesome! I love the layout of the pages that you've shared. What a fun way to record your work. I wish I had taken better photos of some of my early quilts. They have been gifted and the few photos I remembered to take are not so great. :(

  11. A beautiful record of your creative talents.

  12. What a fantastic idea! And you have such wonderful photos of your quilts too. I am terrible about labels.

  13. Beautiful books Kyle - and such a good idea. Might even get around to investigating that here. I spotted Running Man making himself useful as a "centrefold" ;)

  14. Such a cute idea....lovely books.

  15. What a great idea. I like how you included some photos of your quilts "in situ." I especially like the shot with Running Man on the couch.

  16. Love your book idea Kyle, they look great! Good reminder about labelling your quilts. A friend let me borrow her Sue Spargo Peacock quilt so I could take some pictures of it. I returned it and chided her for not having a label on it.

  17. This is a great idea, and it looks like you've done a beautiful job with yours! I've seen blogs turned into books, but the formatting tends to be awkward in those. Food for thought, thanks!

  18. I really need to make labels for my quilts, I am always too keen to get on to the next project! I love your quilt books, what a great idea

  19. What a wonderful idea; the books are gorgeous!!

  20. Great job, Kyle! I like that you let the photos do the talking :) I've used Shutterfly for non-quilt related books and have always been pleased with the results. Running Man looks quite comfy on your quilt!

  21. What a great and clever way to document your beautiful work. What a wonderful library you have created with these.
    Reminds me, I have a few labels to make myself.

  22. p.s. you could self publish a wonderful calendar each year as you are so prolific

  23. Wow.. I love your self published Quilt books!
    A fabulous and special way to document your quilts.
    Thanks for sharing this and reminding us about those important quilt labels.

  24. Love your idea of the books and of course how important quilt labels are ! All of my quilts have labels but had never thought of the idea of the books Thanks !!

  25. What a great idea! Love your quilts!

  26. This is a great idea Kyle! I've seen a post elsewhere in the past where the quilter made her blog into a book by year but didn't think of just extracting the finished product. Beautiful mementos.

  27. Kyle, this is simply a great idea. I would have never thought of this but it is something that you can always look back on and others will treasure it in the future.

  28. What a wonderful idea Kyle - I know I've lost track of many of the things I've made and given away. blessings, marlene

  29. I'm impressed ,the idea, the books, the quilts are wonderful.

  30. This is simply, simply, a wonderful idea! The books are gorgeous.

  31. They look beautiful and such a great idea.