Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two Less=Progress

Progress only comes
when you take
 one step and then another.

 Slow and steady, just like
these gals in their Mary Jane cross trainers.

The good news is that my
11 yards of orange dino fabric
is all used up and the two dino
Image result for cartoon dinosaurs running
quilts have lumbered away
to their new owners.

With these last two quilts I used the
faux piped binding technique.
You can find lots of links
online on how to do it.

 It added visual interest, some texture,
and was completely machine sewn on and sewn down.
A real time saver.

My list of  "17 in 2017" is now
reduced by two projects.
They were "fast to finish" and
perfect for the first 3 week period
 of Meredithe's challenge.
Check it out and join in.

What's up next?

Now I've got a project with a deadline
so there's not much a choice.

Last fall one of my quilt groups
had a challenge, a batik fabric exchange, and the results are
due mid February.

Maybe some of you have done
this fabric exchange before.
It's where you
begin with a yard of fabric,  rip it in half,
keep one of the pieces, pass the other half
to the left and get a different half from the
person on your right.

You keep going until you have this.

Now it's time to do something with all of this.
The rule was to use these fabrics, but
we could add others if we wanted to.

I had been inspired by many of my
blog friends recently to explore
some of Gwen Marston's liberated techniques.
I wanted to try something new (for me) and
see what I could come up with.

This was a big challenge...
stepping out of my normal comfort zone.

I started with a liberated star.
I know some of you are smiling and
thinking, wow, she's really stepping out there.

 It was fun!
I didn't get hung up on how they turned out.
I would definitely do these again,
but I will admit to
being cautious at first.
4.5" finished stars.

Then the holidays came along
and I had to stop.
So that's where I am today.

With a deadline in sight I have
some sewing to do.
Maybe with Ricky Tim's philosophy
of "Passion over Perfection"
 I'll see just how liberated I can be.
Wish me luck!

Until Next Time- 


  1. Congrats on another finish. I love your liberated stars. The fabrics remind me of being at the beach and walking along the shore. Hugs

  2. I love the dino quilts. That piping on the binding technique does add a little something special at the end. I have used it before and really like it. I made improv christmas trees last year and really liked the freedom of not having to measure so much. It was fun. Your stars look good.

  3. Great liberated stars. I've never done a fabric exchange like that. I hope we get to see the four or so projects that you and your friends create. Fun!

  4. I've never done the piped binding and I've never done the fabric exchange like that--AND I've never made a liberated star. I need to get out more, I guess. : )
    Great job using up the dinos!
    Absolutely love your stars!!
    And aren't those gals in their exercise togs using the height of technology to work up a sweat? They are even belted to their equipment.

  5. Now your stars are temp ting me to pull out my tote of batik scraps! Looking very good!

  6. Super start to your 2017 goal! Love your liberated stars and yes, we are all proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes I "slip" when stepping out of my norm, but I try to get right back on that treadmill. Mary Jane's and all! Thanks for the update and the morning giggle!

  7. Hi! The dino's fabric is so cute! I love faux piped binding technique, but I never used it. I have the Gwen Marston's book and my next post is about it. Your Liberated stars blocks look great, this fabric is a good choice. Have a great week end!

  8. I love making wonky stars and other wonky b,kicks, just made a few hearts for a project myself. Have fun and look forward to see what you create!

  9. Nothing like a little bit of pressure to get the job done :0) I think your wonky stars look great! That's an interesting challenge! I love the photo at the top of your post - hilarious!!

  10. what a great solution to your challenge. Your stars look great almost perfect in fact. I really like the dark center squares too.
    can't wait to see how you incorporate that red.
    Love the stepping girls, lol.

  11. I have a collection of batiks - I buy a bit here and there when it's reasonably priced. I'm loving your stars and can't wait to see how the quilt develops from here.....

  12. I love the
    Piping on the binding! I did it once on a quilt, tricky but pretty!
    I admire how you step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Hope you get inspired to finish the quilt.

  13. Love that first photo! Can't imagine working out in those outfits--and on those machines. Congrats on using up ALL your dino fabric. The piping adds a nice finishing touch to the binding. Stepping out of your comfort zone is working well for you! Nice stars :)

  14. Congratulations on checking 2 quilts off your UFO list already!
    I think those liberated stars are fun and fabulous. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.
    Best wishes on completing it for your deadline... YOU can do it!

  15. Getting through your dino fabric stash is a great milestone - it always feels good to do that, doesn't it? Love the piped binding - still haven't tried that but it's on my list. And I totally love your improv stars. I had to smile at your comments because as much as I think I want to do improv, it always seems to be a very controlled improv. Oh well, it's a process.

  16. Congratulations on two finishes! I love the binding on the dino quilts and will have to research that method.

    Batiks are my favorite fabrics to work with. Your star blocks are very pretty...and very tiny.

  17. Congratulations for the Wonky stars Kyle ! I played with them for our "Gwennie inspired medallion" and i can tell you it was hard for me to make them !
    And no more Dion fabrics ! Congrats again ! I really love your double border !

  18. Congrats on your two finishes - how satisfying to cross them off the list! Wow, you really have stepped out of your comfort zone with the wonky stars, and they look fab! Keep going!

  19. 2 finishes already!! Well done! What a fun Dino quilt. I like the way you've done the binding, it's amazing how a thin strip of colour can add a lot of interest. Liberated piecing can be addictive, just warning you.

  20. Love your liberated stars - they are so much fun! You can do this and it will be awesome!!!!

  21. I know those kids are lovin' their dinos! The stars are pretty and the passion over perfection philosophy is a great one.

  22. Well done on your lovely finishes, and stars.

  23. I am not familiar with the type challenge you are participating in. Sounds like fun only I don't have even one batik in stash. Just don't use them. I look forward to seeing what you created.

  24. "Passion over perfection" is a good motto to adopt! I always love liberated stars, and your batiks are pretty nice too. 2 down, 15 to go, and still only January. A good start!

  25. I was really worried about those gals on the machines until I realized they were strapped on--still looks a bit dangerous though! Love the maverick stars--you will have fun with those and they seem to twinkle when they are sewn into a quilt!

  26. I like those liberated stars! Breaking loose!

  27. Lovely two finishes - congrats on accomplishing those. Love your liberated stars. Keep going - you can do it! Liberation is difficult for me.

  28. I love the liberated stars - I must have a go at them!

  29. Lovely selection of batik fabrics - and perfect for inspiring some liberated stars!

  30. Love those Batik stars. I will enjoy watching it progress.