Friday, January 6, 2017

Staring At the List

Now that my 
17 in 2017 list is made
it's time to
 decide what to do first.
More than that,
it's thinking about an overall game plan, 
a strategy,

a plan of action.
Not one that is so regiment 
or set in stone,
but a common sense approach to
work on projects that will
keep things FUN!

Some of the projects I have chosen
have a deadline,
some of the projects have only
a few days work left,
some are hand work,
some are designing,
some are machine work,
and some are handquilting,
a long time commitment.

For me hand work is nighttime stuff.
Machine sewing is day time.

So in reality,
I probably will be working on multiple
projects at the same time. 
It's the way I work.

I had to pick.


 What do you do when 
you've bought 11 yards of
orange dinosaur fabric?
After you've said,
"What was I thinking?"

You make matching dino quilts for
your two grandsons
back in November.

Then you decide your granddaughter
needs one too.

 And with still more fabric leftover, you decide
the charity baby quilt you need to make for January
might as well be dinosaurs
with the same tried and true pattern.

The machine quilting is half done
on both of these. (#4 and #10 on my list)
It's the perfect place for me to start.

I hope if you're following 
Meredithe's 17 UFO's in 2017
you've picked a FAST TO FINISH
project or projects to start with too.

There were a few people who commented
on my last post and I was unable
to share a copy of my list with you because
I had no email address.  If you are still
interested, please leave a comment with an
email address.  :0)
Until Next Time-


  1. I agree, every girl needs a Dino quilt. Maybe matching pillow cases?
    Cute projects!

  2. I can believe that nearly every little guy or gal would adore a cheerful dino quilt! Especially one who is going through hospitalization or other trauma. Maybe any leftovers could be cut into 4-1/2 inch squares and become part of one or several I-Spy quilts. Cute projects and a great easy design, something the new quilters in our ministry group could do.

  3. I like Dawn's pillowcase idea. Would be a great addition to those fun grandchildren quilts.
    It is really cute fabric, but it takes a lot of quilts to use up 11 yards!! : )

  4. Wow - 2 of your 17 ufos almost done already!! You're off to a great start! I haven't even had time to look through my ufos to make a list. Maybe February will be less busy...

  5. The grandkids are lucky recipients and grandma's list gets smaller. Win-win :) At first I thought you had 11 MORE yards after those quilts were done, haha! I was thinking make curtains at that point!

  6. It is a given that kids love dinosaurs - girls & boys! Bet your granddaughter loves it! My 17 in 2017 list is posted in the sewing room - challenging me to stay focused! Looks like you are off and running!!

  7. 11 yards ? makes a lot of dinos no ? :)))
    You began this new year with 2 perfect quilts ! Congrats Kyle !

  8. Great start! And who doesn't love a cute and cuddly dinosaur? Have fun with your finishes.

  9. Such a darling fabric print for boys AND girls!
    I like the quilt pattern you are using as well.
    It sounds like picking a project from the list can be the hardest part.
    Best wishes on your goal for the month - you can do it!

  10. Those kiddos are going to love those cute quilts! ---"Love"

  11. The start of the year is good with making a list and plans to get things finished! I am sure it will work for you! I love the quilts you have made for grandkids and charity. Have a good weekend!

  12. Oh my--it's a good thing that fabric is so cute--makes it easier to use for so many quilts--lol! They are all great!

  13. You're off to a good start! Such cute dinosaur quilts for your grandkids! Maybe a quilt or two for a local charity to use up more of that dino fabric?? I do the same thing--machine quilt during the day, hand quilt at night. Thanks again for the UFO form! Love it!

  14. I'll admit I laughed out loud at the idea of eleven yards of orange dino fabric. I thought I was the only one nutty enough to get in a situation like that! You've done such a cute job on these quilts, and the kids are going to enjoy them for a long time. I'll be curious to see exactly how many quilts can be made from that fabric. :)

  15. I totally agree with what you said, "Hand work is nighttime stuff. Machine sewing is day time". Sometimes (most of the time) handwork is the only thing that keeps me awake while watching TV, LOL. Your dino quilts are adorable :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  16. what a cute cute quilt for boys or girls!
    - I love the photo shoot that elephant is terrific
    Thanks again for the form what a pretty list it makes.

  17. Well you made good use of the Dino fabric - real cute quilts. I'm the same - machine work by day, handwork/Netflix by night. I might not quite have 17 projects to list... but close. I really just want to set my life up for doing some kind of quilting every day. Happy New Year!

  18. Would you mind sending me your list? It would be a great help. Many thanks!!
    Prudence Lay

  19. You've made great use of the dinosaur fabric Kyle - Just last week we took three grandchildren to the Museum of Natural History - and the dinosaurs were the favorite attraction!