Monday, January 2, 2017

17 in 2017

With the flip of the calendar
it's a new month and a new year.
The usual time to set new goals,
reevaluate old goals,
and then be realistic.

About a month ago
suggested a challenge that
spoke to me called

I know there are lots of challenges
thrown out there this time of year, but
her idea reminded me of the type of
activities I would suggest to the quilters
who participated in the Stashbusters Class
 I taught at my local quilt shop many years ago.

I guess I'm in need of 
a game, a gimmick, a fun challenge.

A way to help clear the shelves of some UFO's 
or WIP's.

Meredithe challenged us to find 
17 unfinished projects that we would 
like to move forward and possibly finish.
The real goal was to work on it.
It will never get done if it just
sits in a bag, on a shelf, or
hidden in a closet.

The most challenging part was
listing my 17 projects because

It turned out to be more difficult than I 
had originally thought.
Projects jumped in and jumped out.
Corralling the right ones, the ones
I hoped I still love, required time and effort.
I included some easy ones and some
that will definitely take more time.

Here's what I eventually came up with.

 I know this list doesn't mean much to you,
but the point is, I did finally
focus in on 17 WIP's
and my list includes 3 empty spaces for
other projects that might need some attention
during the year.
And who says I can't change my
list during the year!

My year long form was created by my daughter, Kate.
I just couldn't just write it on a regular
sheet of paper.  It's part of the game.
If you'd like a copy
just leave me a comment and I'll email a
PDF file that you can download and fill out.

The real challenge with Meredithe's approach is
taking those 17 WIP's and
dividing them into the 52 week year.
It works out to about 3 weeks per item,
but remember the idea is to move them forward.
Some of my WIP's haven't been thought about,
 stitched on,
or even looked at
for quite awhile, so 3 weeks of work
will be a very positive thing.

It might be tricky
to stay balanced,
but I think I'll be able to lasso quite a few.

Until Next Time-


  1. Wow, what a great idea. I'm pretty sure I have fewer than 17 UFOs but have at least 10. This year, I am focusing on finishing a a few, with hand quilting one smaller quilt being my first major project. I will also work on a few small projects during the year, not quite UFOs since I never started them, more like projects in bags. Some of your project names intrigue me and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Oh my yes, 17 would be quite ambitious. But, I know you can do it. You have inspired me to at least make a list of UFO's I would like to tackle this year. I do enjoy all the inspiration I get from fellow Bloggers, but sometimes I find myself getting caught up in too many sew-a-longs. So, I will make an effort to finish some of those gems. Thanks for the inspiration! And, I love your analogy - "herding cats". Too cute! Oh, and that last picture is tremendous. That horse with the bald face looks just like one I used to ride and care for in my youth. I love it!

  3. Good luck with your UFOs!! I typically don't like this sort of thing, but last year my girlfriend talked me into the APQ UFO Challenge, and I am glad she did. I made sure there were some projects on there that had to get done (wedding quilt) and also some smaller ones that I could easily accommplish. Then it doesn't seem as daunting. It is the same idea to just work on them, even if they do not get finished. But I was surprised how that list helped to keep me focused.

  4. 17 in 2017! Woohoo! I'm in! And 'moving forward' is the key! My old friend Rita used to work 1 hour on a project, then make a cup of tea, and move on to something else....working her way through several projects every day, 1 hour at a time. She accomplished so much....and I was always in awe of her discipline! I always seem to work endlessly on the same thing....until my fingers are raw.....then I need several days to recuperate! I think in 2017 I'm going to take Rita's process, and see if I can make some progress happen! Thanks for the kick in the's just what I needed!

  5. I used 'herding cats' when I was teaching! Felt that way at times when trying to get kiddos attention! I have a list of 20 UFOs but could come up with more quite easily. Just working on them will help eventually get them done. That is the plan anyway!

  6. That form is so pretty !

    This has made me curious to go back to my last sewing review and see how many items I actually have !

  7. Wow!!! I don't know that I have 17 UFO's I feel behind when I have 5 or 6. I think it's a great challenge though and a great motivator. Once you make a list, it's much easier to start checking it off and getting these projects finished. I'm in your cheering section!

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with your UFOs!

    1. I would love to send you a copy of my list, but I don't have an email.

  9. Meredithe is a generous woman and brave too because 17 UFo's to finish is a huge challenge !
    I can't wait to see your work ! Happy new year Kyle ! :)

  10. It will be a fun challenge to revisit all of these wonderful projects and move them forward. Your year long form is so fun :0) I know I have at least 17 ufos but most of them need more than 3 weeks of attention...

  11. Happy new year! Love your list, it is impressive! I would love to make one of my own but I am sure I will not have 17 items to put on it. I would be happy with one or two finished quilts this year!
    I hope I will see all your projects on your blog this year! Happy Stitching!

  12. Great job in choosing! That was the hard part for me but I hope to revisit and move some projects along (and get a couple of finishes that are so close!

  13. Now you have gone and done it!!! What a great approach - we all have this same mindset at this time of a new calendar year. There would be absolutely no problem with me choosing 17 UFO's. I actually had a meltdown on December 31st while trying to straighten up the sewing mess, I mean, "studio". Would love your very clever form! And I wish you much success at tackling your UFO's.

  14. I would love the PDF file hopefully it will help me finish my UFOS in 2017


  15. Looking forward to the ride and seeing how many UFO's you manage to corral and contain! I am inspired to go and update my UFO list now, but hoping I have less than 17, LOL!

  16. Good luck with your list..... looking forward to seeing the progress

  17. Oh what a lovely lay out of your 17 UFO's project its very different and inspiring blog. Wishing you all the best on your challenge and hope you get as much fun as I will from doing it. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  18. I think the horse is doing all the work in that last photo. Look how carefully it's moving!

    Last year there were a couple of bloggers who finished long lists of UFOs, so I know you can do it too. Have fun!

  19. Good luck with your projects! I struggled with my list, too. I'm sure other UFOs will work their way into things as the year goes on.

  20. How ironic that I should say to you I'm going to make a list of to do's and come to visit your blog and find your pretty one.

    I'd love to have a copy of it please and thank you. I'm hoping to work on several at a time, I'm like a crow to shiney objects and find I bounce around to several things sometimes in a day. But perhaps if I focus on fewer I might succeed a few more,

    HaooyHappy New Year!

  21. Great list Kyle! and I do love the form. Thanks so much for joining in. So looking forward to seeing your progress over the year.

  22. HA! I love those one trick pony pix that accompany your post! How funny! You much be organized and dedicated to do something like the 17 in 17 and that totally leaves me out. But I pledge to attempt to finish a few (or maybe just a couple) of my UFO's!! LOL Does a quilt qualify as a UFO if it's cut out but not yet one stitch taken in it? Hmmmm....

  23. Yes, please may I have the PDF file. Maybe having an official list will help me finish some things, Thank you and happy sewing!

  24. love the PDF what a great idea

  25. The form is a great incentive to stay on track. Don't know if there are 17 UFO's lurking in the corners of this room, oh who am I kidding?!

  26. What a great challenge! I don't even know how many UFOs I have so will count them up. It will be a fun way to start the new year :)

  27. I am very interested in #17 - star a day! I am looking forward to seeing how we all progress our projects.

  28. It will be fun to follow along as you work on these UFO's and WIP's.
    Wishing you great success on this challenge!

  29. A very impressive and inspiring list Kyle! Hope you're able to accomplish all you want to and we'll enjoy seeing the fruits of your labors!

  30. I always love the vintage photos you share! It sounds like a great plan for your quilting projects. I am still mulling over what I want to do this year.

  31. Now that I'm done with the 365 challenge blocks, I'm looking forward to finishing some older projects too. I think you are right--it's going to be like herding cats--lol!

  32. Great Blog! Thank you for sending the link, now I'll follow you. Please send me the challenge sheet, I might surprise myself and finish 17 UFO's.

  33. Such a cute looking list! I hope it works well for you. I'm still pondering if I want to be that disciplined by naming 17 likely projects!

  34. I would love a copy. I, too, will join you in trying to finish 17 projects this year. I was in your "stash club" when you were working and always loved your ideas.

  35. Good luck with your list Kyle! I really like Meredithe's philosophy of progressing the projects, not necessarily finishing them :)

  36. your daughter made a beautiful form! It looks like a great list of projects. I think lists are great - but I also think its okay to revise them as you go. Progressing is great - I'll keep that in mind this year for my list

  37. Such a cute post, Kyle. I love the list your daughter made.

    I, too, work on different projects at different times of the day. It will be fun to follow as you make PROGRESS on your UFOs.

  38. I would like a copy of your form, too, if you have time. Thanks!

  39. Good luck with your goals! It's great to have a plan, and I love that you have 3 empty spaces left... Oh and I'd love a copy of the form too please, I may just join in!

  40. Could I please have the pretty form? Your idea is so perfect. I had resolved to work on one project in my sewing room rabbit hole at a time this year and get it completed without my usual project hopping tendency. The three week time span should be about right for my attention span! Thanks so much.

    1. I would love to send you a copy if you send me your email.

  41. 17 in 2017 sounds ambitious, but I'm sure having your list on such a pretty form will be a positive influence! I would love a PDF of the form, though my list might have to be 7 in '17!

  42. What a pretty list which makes it more inviting! I look forward to watching your progress and hope to accomplish some of my own this year. I would love a copy of the PDF file to fill in my own blanks. Thanks for being so generous!

  43. I would love a copy of your form. I love the little designs and that it is suppose to be 17 but has 20 slots. Whenever I make a list I can never stop at a certain number - even if I say I have time to clean three things, I have to add more than three to my list. Funny or crazy! In case my email doesn't show up, it's Howland no space quilt no space at no space g no space mail no space dot no space com. Thank you!

  44. I would love a copy of your PDF. It might just get me motivated to complete a few more projects than normal. Thank you.

  45. Great idea, Kyle! I quickly came up with the 17 ufos and added 4 new projects (Christmas tree skirts for me and each of my kids) and a few others that I've been fantasizing about. Total for 2017 is now 24 and will probably grow before it shrinks. This past week we had 3 snow days here with very icy roads keeping us homebound. I already finished #1 and #2. Please send me Kate's pdf - I'd be happy to post my list in my sewing room for inspiration/focus. I've also shared the idea in my local quilting group, and some of them came up with their own lists.

  46. Is it too late to start on my list? I am working on one UFO but it would be fun to make a list and see what gets done! Thank-you for this lovely idea!