Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Giving Feels Good

 Giving makes you feel good.
It generates a sense of pleasure,
a "warm glow".

In other words,
it makes you just want to dance
and share your happiness with others.

I have a friend who is very involved
in an organization called
Their goal is to help and heal
children of sexual abuse.
 They like to wrap each child
in a love quilt. 
The sad part is that there is a 
need for 100's of quilt.

My friends, the Quilty Buddies,
challenged each other to make a quilt this summer 
to give to this hard working organization.

45" x 56"

My grandkiddos love all the characters of 

The pattern I used was a Disappearing Nine Patch.
You can find instructions anywhere online. 
I made sure the purple fabric was
always the middle square and
that the themed fabric was in the
lower left and upper right.

 So when the nine patch was cut
it gave some continuity
and made the characters
stand out.

I'm hoping some sweet child
finds comfort wrapped in this quilt.

And now for my anniversary giveaway.
I want to thank everyone who
left a comment last week
Because so many of you did
I added a third prize!

Drum roll, please.....

 #1 - Susan at http://thimblestitch.blogspot.com/

#2 - Audrey at http://quiltyfolk.blogspot.com/

#3- Pat at http://amityquilter.blogspot.com/

Ladies, please send me your mailing addresses
and then start checking your mailboxes.
If you're not a follower on these quilter's blog,
check them out.
You'll be glad you did.
Until Next Time-


  1. Great picture of a happy dance, Kyle! : )
    Some child is going to love that "Frozen" quilt. Sounds like a very worthwhile organization, but I find it sad that we even need such groups. How did society get this sick?
    Thanks for supporting them!

  2. I agree with Janet! WOW! Wonderful quilt and very generous of YOU! Now I am off to explore your winner's blogs! Lucky quilters!

  3. Oh what a wonderful quilt and such a worthy cause. It does make you feel good to share something you love with someone in need. Good job! And, I don't know the other two winners (yet), but I know Audrey will do something fantastic with her win. Thanks for sharing!! Once again, your vintage images keep me smiling!

  4. What a beautiful quilt to gift to a child. It is heartbreaking to think that any child would be a victim of abuse ; some of what I read on the Internet news just stuns me...
    I am familiar with all of these ladies' blogs; all very nice ones! :)

  5. What a beautiful quilt to gift to a child. It is heartbreaking to think that any child would be a victim of abuse ; some of what I read on the Internet news just stuns me...
    I am familiar with all of these ladies' blogs; all very nice ones! :)

  6. That sweet quilt will surely warm some little girl's heart, knowing that someone cares. It is truly sad knowing there are so many little victims of this kind of abuse.

  7. Kyle, your quilt is wonderful and I know that some child is going to love it and find much comfort from it's warmth. Congratulations to your winners. I'm going to check out their blogs.
    Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  8. My granddaughters love all things Frozen too. A very sweet quilt going to a very worthy orgazination.
    I know some child will find comfort from it.

  9. Very beautiful quilt! And yes, giving really feels good ♥


  10. I had not seen the Frozen fabric. Good choice for a child's quilt. I know it was a popular movie.

  11. What a great quilt! I loved it! Good stitching!

  12. Well done with your giving quilt - it's perfect. Congrats to your winners :)

  13. I am sure your quilt will bring some comfort! A good cause! Congratulations for the lucky winners!

  14. You've made a wonderful quilt for a wonderful cause....I love the first picture !! :)
    Congratulations for the winners !!

  15. what a great charity (sad, but great). Your quilt will be so appreciated and loved.
    Congrats to the winners of your great give away~

  16. Some child will LOVE your quilt! It was a wonderful summer project and for a great cause. Congrats to the winners!

  17. Your quilt is going to make some little girl so very happy! I'm glad you're feeling the glow of giving :0)

  18. Yeah! So fun to be a winner.:) And yes, giving feels very good. What a wonderful quilt for someone in need.

  19. What a lovely quilt for such a sad reason, I hope the child feels the love and support you stitched into it always.

    Love all your black and white photos, congrats to the winners.

  20. There are SO many good causes to donate quilts to - sounds like you found one very worthy of your donation! Congrats on being a good example! (did you teach your class about quilt labels yet?)

  21. What a great cause. You are so generous with your time and skill. Great post.. loved the first photo, being a product of catholic school!!!!! LOL

  22. That free hugs bag is SOOO cute!! :)

  23. Congratulations to the winners! And your planning on the Frozen quilt definitely paid off. It looks great! Such a heart-wrenching cause, it's wonderful to be able to send them some help.

  24. Such a wonderful charity quilt! Some little child is going to love snuggling under this Frozen quilt.

  25. Someone is going to just love their new Frozen quilt - what a beautiful gesture. Quilters are the best! And congrats to all of your winners; they will love their goodies too.