Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flower Gardens

 I live in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado
located along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and
home of Colorado State University.
One of the advantages of being a university town
is the outreach to the community.
CSU is well known for it's
horticulture department and the research it does
on different annual plants and their tolerance
to high altitude, arid conditions,
wind and hail.
(Sounds like a great place to live.)

Actually, it is
and the Annual Flower Trial Gardens reminds us
that flowers can grow here.
It's a beautiful place to come and stroll
and enjoy all the different varieties of flowers and color.
The air even smells sweet.

What better place to take some
photos of a flower garden quilt than at
a lovely flower garden.

 The pillar print by Andover and Di Ford
has made a fantastic vintage style border.

The colors in the border were
the perfect guide for choosing the
fabrics for the hexagons.

Each corner came out differently because of the
miter, but the pillar still
flows around the quilt.

The sun was beginning to set and the
surface of the quilt was washed with
a soft golden light.

The nearby geraniums were a brilliant red which
caused the reds in the quilt to pop and show off too.

I'm thinking,
I might have to hand quilt this one,
but we'll see.

There was an older man sitting on a bench
enjoying the evening and he watched curiously as
Running Man and I moved the quilt
from place to place
setting it with different groups of flowers.
I don't think he ever figured out
exactly what we were doing.
 we didn't interrupt his quiet evening too much.

Until Next Time-


  1. We drove from Laramie to Boulder once, my husband and I and i know we past Fort Collins but I was to sick to enjoy the scenery. I had a nasty Blatter infection with kidenk problems, no fun when you are visiting from abroad.
    So I missed the beauty of the town you live in, the gardens are beautiful as well as your awsome quilt!
    Happy stitching!

  2. Those wonderful flowers are the perfect backdrop to your gorgeous quilt. Loved looking at the pictures. I love flowers and I love quilts - together, simply divine. The border is really great. Great job Kyle.

  3. Absolutely stunning quilt top. The evening light was so perfect to highlight the lush colors and lend depth and dimension to all the hexies. This top definitely deserves hand quilting.

  4. I was in Ft. Collins last week visiting my elderly Mom.(grew up there) And we took a stroll in these very gardens.So very lovely, but your quilt photos in the garden were a brilliant idea. I agree with Chantal, flowers and quilts.....

  5. Beautiful, Kyle, simply beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful setting for a beautiful quilt. The man probably thought you were putting the flowers to bed! I do think this one begs hand quilting, but no pressure! It is stunning.

  7. I think we might have to take a stroll this week...:)

  8. Oh my's the perfect place for your quilt !!
    You chose a wonderful border ! Congratulations for this finish !

  9. What a gorgeous garden spot--and the perfect choice for the photos of your quilt top! Lovely combination!

  10. A beautiful place to photograph a beautiful quilt!! The pillar print makes a wonderful border. Handquilting would be fabulous for this :0)

  11. Just the right spot to show off your quilt, and what a lovely quilt it is!

  12. Beautiful flowers, gorgeous quilt and great post.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Connie :)

  13. Congratulations on a lovely top Kyle! the border fabric is a perfect match. Love your photo shoot - perfect backdrop with it's riot of colour!

  14. What a stunning setting for your beautiful quilt! Congrats Kyle.

  15. What a perfect place to have a photo shoot of this lovely quilt. I loved the lighting when the sun was going down a bit. So much time and work has gone into this; a true treasure.

  16. What a perfect place to have a photo shoot of this lovely quilt. I loved the lighting when the sun was going down a bit. So much time and work has gone into this; a true treasure.

  17. I don't know what is more inspiring - the flowers or your fabulous quilt.
    What a gorgeous flower show. Wow!
    Your top is a real winner you really mastered the pillar print border. stunning

  18. Gorgeous setting for your beautiful quilt. They are perfect together! Love the pillar print border. I'm all for hand quilting :)

  19. What a perfect place to choose for photography.
    The flowers in bloom are a beautiful back drop to display and compliment your gorgeous quilt top!

  20. That warm sunset light made for a perfect photo setting on your quilt - the fabrics seem to glow and I agree - it is calling for hand quilting!!

  21. I am amazed that you were not mobbed by admirers in the garden! Philistines. :D

    The whole thing is lovely, and you did it justice with those beautiful photos too. Very inspiring! Great job.

  22. I love imagining you & hubby taking the quilt from flower patch to flower patch and the old fellow watching with a puzzled look on his face. If only he could see the photos you took, because they're just beautiful! This quilt is destined to become a family heirloom, Kyle. (I think you have SEVERAL of those now!) LOL

  23. Beautiful and the Gardens really sets the quilt off.

  24. Interesting to see how the pillar print frames the Grandmother's Garden blocks.

  25. Such a beautiful setting for your wonderful hexagon quilt.

  26. Beautiful photos of your quilt AND the gardens - thanks for sharing!

  27. What a gorgeous setting for your beautiful quilt! I love the border print and now I'm kicking my self for not buying some too!

  28. Wow.. those gardens are amazing!!! What a beautiful environment for photographing your quilt! Love the Di Ford fabric and have been waiting to see someone use it in a quilt - Looks spectacular!!!

  29. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful Kyle!!! Isn't it funny how people will see you taking photos of quilts but it's rare they'll say something. I loved seeing all the flowery gardens!

  30. Great job! it's beautiful! ;)