Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Almost Done

Ever so slowly my
hexagons have come together.

I like how neat and crisp the back looked

 with all the paper templates. 

Finally, all the sections were
And I started to see what it would
look like with the border I'd chosen.

The next step was to connect all the rows
with the diamond shape.

It looked fantastic to see it all together.

I  had been putzing along at a pretty good clip,

 when I saw myself heading
onto a very uneven road.

Hexagons don't leave a straight edge,
but a very bumpy road.
The directions said to cut each side 
straight and leave a 1/4" seam.

I couldn't do that.

All the sides of the hexies were tacked down.
And all I could see was trouble ahead.

So my solution was to applique the border
to each side of the quilt

It has taken quite a bit of time to
get it right.

I've actually taken each side off at least once.
I was surprised how much the top
stretched even with the papers intact,
extra pinning and careful placement.

Well, it's almost a flimsy.
It's heading off to it's official
photo shoot this week.

Until Next Time- 


  1. Oh it's beautiful. I love the color of the connecting diamonds. Pulls the other blues to attention really well. Your border fabric is a lovely choice for the quilt. Well done Kyle! It's beautiful.

  2. Wow, I have always wondered about finishing a hexie quilt. Yours, BTW, is stunning. I cannot wait to see the final reveal.

  3. Wow, Kyle--perfect choice for the little fussy-cut diamonds to pull it all together! It is stunning!
    That is a gorgeous border fabric.
    I know when my Mom did a bed size Grandmother's Flower Garden, she couldn't cut off the edge, either. But her border was just a solid color, so she laid the quilt top over the border and appliqued it down that way.
    Such a lot of work you have put in to get this just right. I'm sure you must be thrilled with the fruits of your labors!!

  4. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous!! I'm with you on cutting those hexies off! When I was perusing the shops down south I found a hexie quilt on display and they had the same dilemma...they chose to applique the whole hexie flimsy to the border...appliqueing the outside shape to the borders! It looked like the hexies were floating. I tried to find the picture of the hexie quilt for you but couldn't! If I stumble over it I will send it to you for next time as it's another alternative. You must be so thrilled to have this one almost finished!! YEAH!!

  5. Ouch having to re work those borders over and over but what a masterpiece this is of color and fussy cutting and just drop dead gorgeousness!

  6. Ouch having to re work those borders over and over but what a masterpiece this is of color and fussy cutting and just drop dead gorgeousness!

  7. What an heirloom you are creating. I'm sorry about your border troubles, but I have no doubt it will all be worth it. Your fabric selections and placement are exquisite. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait for the photo shoot!

  8. Your quilt is going to be stunning ! Your fussy cutting is perfect and you've done the perfect choice too, for the border....no doubt about that !
    I can't wait to admire your finish !

  9. Wow! It is becoming an awsome quilt! Love the blue's you used in between!

  10. Oh my, that is a lot of work. I have seen borders where the hexie part was appliqued to the border, but that would not have worked with this glorious border fabric. It is stunning and it will be a treasured heirloom!

  11. Amazing dedication! And it is so worth it, seeing your nearly finished flimsy!

  12. I love your quilt. The hexagons look great. Hugs

  13. Kyle, this is looking fabulous, you must be so happy with how it is all coming together. Love that blue you used in between the flowers it is gorgeous! All your triangle centres look greatI. Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations, your nearly finished and in what seems like record time!

  15. Kyle it looks so lovely! I can't wait to see it with the fabulous border print you've used. Your careful stitching will be so worth it!!

  16. Beautiful Kyle!! It's worth every stitch and restitch to get this beautiful quilt just right. I love the Cloverdale House border print you've chosen. Have fun taking photos!

  17. It's beautiful Kyle. I don't like cutting hexies either, so I think your extra effort will be worthwhile. The diamonds are a wonderful fabric choice.

  18. Oh wow! Your Route 66 is fabulous!! You have taken the right road in attaching the border...and such a beautiful Di Ford fabric. I have the same print in the robin's egg blue colorway. Your blue diamonds are a perfect accent. Please keep us posted on how this goes.

  19. Gorgeous Kyle - I love the fussy cut diamonds! Hexagon edges (with hand stitching) are a bit of a head-scratcher but you came up with a good solution. Quite apart from the trauma of cutting through all the pretty piecing, if you cut through hand stitching I always fear the seams coming unravelled. Maybe a border sewn on with very small machine stitches would hold it?

  20. Wowzers Kyle! I'm curious to see how you added the top & bottom borders since the print you used has a definite up & down patter to it. Great solution to the irregular edge - I had thought I would applique the hexies onto the border when I face that same dilemma! Gorgeous quilt!

  21. Wow, it is pretty! And you put so much work into this quilt.

  22. IMPRESSIVE!!! Wow! I do love to quilt and have made many a quilts but what I'm seeing here is something I would most likely never make - I'm not that brave haha - Nice work!!

    Have a great week

  23. Wow! It's looking great. Good solution and can't wait to see it?

  24. This is so lovely! Those blue diamonds are perfect, they will look so good with that border. I agree, it's hard to cut off the hexagons like that. Applique makes sense to me too. Can't wait to see the flimsy!

  25. Oh my gosh--this is so beautiful! The blue fussy cut diamonds are wonderful. I can never cut the hexies off either--too painful--lol!

  26. Oh my, so much work! It's just gorgeous though. Love that you keep working until you get it just right.:)

  27. Beautiful work, Kyle! I recognize that botanical print in the top hexie :) The connecting diamonds pull everything together so nicely. That's a lot of work for the borders but they look fantastic! Great job!

  28. Beautiful job!!! Remember to take all the paper out of the hexes.

  29. Absolutely beautiful! I could sit and study those fabrics (and drool over them!) for hours!

  30. Gorgeous!!!
    All of your fussy cutting is stunning and WOW, do those fussy cut diamonds look incredible!
    I would never have anticipated the border difficulty if you hadn't of shown us here.
    Thank you for that, it will be very helpful for those of us that may attempt this quilt in the future.
    Looking forward to the final photo's of your top!

  31. I have some of the border fabric you are using. At least I think it is the one with the red background. I know it came in different colors. Maybe I have the yellow background. Anyhow, interesting to see all the different looks you get using fussy cutting.

  32. This is just stunning Kyle, and that border is proving to be a labour of love, but worth every stitch.

  33. Oh Kyle! It looks absolutely amazing! And the little car is so cute! Happy Sunday

  34. WHOA! I think that would get the best of me (kind of like my Dear Jane did!!). I got all the blocks made, begun putting the sashing in and, when finished, I didn't like the way it looked. But I took it and had a longarmer baste it as I had grand plans to hand quilt. That will never happen so one day I need to get it back out and re-evaluate what I want to do..just have it quilted or take the sashing out and redo that. Maybe when I lay eyes on it again, it won't look as bad. But maybe it will!! LOL