Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Woolie Moments

After sharing my NEW 2016 list
of Stitch-a-Longs,
I felt like I needed to
finish another one
that I had worked on last year.

Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin
shared these wooly moments
as a BOM.

 I was able to dig into the wool bins
and find the perfect pieces to make
these blocks month by month.
The block backgrounds
were plaid flannels from long ago.

They were fun, easy and relaxing.
The kind of stitching that makes
for a perfect take along project.

I opted for a different setting
than what was suggested
and quickly framed the blocks
with gold flannel stars and a narrow flannel border.

The only machine quilting was around
the blocks and stars.

This quilt was another fantastic free pattern 
offered by Stacy, who's a terrific and generous designer.

And guess what?

There's a new one on her website for this year.
Check it out.
You know I have.

Until Next Time-


  1. So very sweet. I simply must open my wool bin. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Just darling! I think I love your interpretation the best of any I have seen!

  3. I love Buttermilk Basin and have made a few of her things! Your quilt is so lovely. It is a "Happy" quilt. Love the gold stars in the sashing. Ties it all together so nicely. Well done on a beautiful finish.

  4. Gorgeous!! Your cornerstone stars make this quilt top sparkle! LOVE IT!!

  5. That is just such a happy, cheerful quilt!

  6. What a lovely and cheerful quilt. So perfect for a country home. The starry cornerstones are the perfect finishing touch.

  7. Sweet. I love your quilt. Hugs

  8. Definitely a more doable setting than the bazillion HSTs in her finish, and it looks just as great! I really like how cozy and homey this turned out. Nice job!

  9. Such a beautiful finish!
    Great choice of backgrounds with those wonderful homespuns.
    I especially like your background/sashing design - it looks fabulous.

  10. This is so lovely and cozy looking, Kyle! And I always love stars in the setting like that. Great finish!

  11. Congratulations on finishing such a wonderful woollie quilt. It looks so soft and cosy, so perfect for your snowy days. Your setting with the yellow stars really makes it sparkle!

  12. Smart of you to go back and finish your wool blocks among the start of all the new quilt projects. I have only found time to go back and finish one project and all it needed was binding. One of these days, I hope to make the wool designs I saved from Buttermilk Basin.

  13. Hooray and congratulations on another finish! Your woolly quilt looks so warm and cozy. Great setting stars, too!

  14. I like your setting...more relaxing and enjoyable to piece..wink,wink.

  15. Absolutely adorable. What a wonderful collection of whimsical blocks and a great setting!

  16. Flannels and woolies - what a cozy combination of textures and such a fun quilt!

  17. What a fun quilt! Such a good change from your more 'serious' quilts I'm sure.:)

  18. What a fun project! I really like your setting :0) Saw your Time warp star quilt on Barbara's blog today - it looks pretty spectacular - congratulations!

  19. Another finish! Well done you. Love the settings for your pics.

  20. What a delightful quilt Kyle - I think I like your version better than any others I've seen in blogland. Great finish!

  21. Are you going to make the new one ? :))
    You've done a great finish to this quilt...never done a quilt in wool, but when I admire yours, hummm...maybe why not one day ?
    I wish you a lovely weekend !

  22. What a nice finish! It's nice to personalize your quilts and even the photo settings you used were lovely!