Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilting Can Be SO Boring at Times

 There are times when the
repetitiveness of an action can be soothing,
like rocking a baby,
or even hand quilting.
 The rhythmic motion can
ease away the stresses and anxieties of the day
and make you feel better.

This past week was filled with repetitive motions
and all it did was make me restless, tired, moody,
and ready to go crazy. 
I had found Noah and Matelida
lingering in a tote bag.

Now before that brings up bad images,
I'll remind you that Noah and Matelida
is a wonderful antique sampler pattern
designed by Dawn at

This was a BOM started in 2014
and Noah and Matilda have been
enduring their tote bag residency for
over a year.
There's always a hang up or a reason why 
a quilt is ignored and left to the fate of
becoming a UFO.
In this case, I know exactly why.
It was the thought of the
repetitive, dull, tedious motions of
 making very small grapes for the appliqued border.
 I just couldn't face it.

But it was time to be a big girl quilter
trace, cut, prep
 a gazillion circles,
(although, you can see they're still not  quite
ready to applique)

make miles of bias vines

and then trace, cut and prep

a bushel of leaves and flowers.

Okay, I sound a bit whiny, but
now that part is done.

I also knew I would have to slightly
refigure the border pattern and
I didn't want to do math!
But with only a few numbers and
 pleating the pattern, it worked out.

 I shadowed the vine design onto the fabric
and glued it in place with Roxanne's Basting Glue.

Next came more stems and leaves
and side one is ready to applique.
Now to many, appliqueing may fall into the 
category of a repetitive, monotonous,
tiresome, a mind-numbing activity, but for me
just the opposite.
Now comes the fun part.
I'm ready for a wild, mind blowing, thrilling ride.
Aren't you glad we're all different!

 Until Next Time-


  1. Your quilt is going to be so beautiful. I have put off working on a quilt for the same reason. Then once I went back to it I found it was much easier than I had anticipated. I look forward to seeing your borders grow. Hugs

  2. The quilt is going to be gorgeous -- but, yikes! -- those circles! I think you need a special award for finishing -- perhaps just for moving along as well! Chocolate? Flowers? A cruise to the Bahamas?

  3. Go Kyle!! Enjoy your stitches as you make those vines grow and bloom with beautiful leaves and luscious bunches of grapes. Do you listen to podcasts as you sew, watch movies or just enjoy quiet time?

  4. Are you going to create the circle shapes before stitching them down maybe with a gathering stitch or are you going to needle turn the circles onto the background?

  5. Good going! It's the prep that is boring for me too... but, I love the hand sewing part! Your quilt is looking fabulous!

  6. Heehee, that's precisely why it took sixteen years for my Biblical Blocks quilt to be finished, and that border didn't even have grapes! You're progressing at warp speed compared to me! At least the stitching down part is nice relaxing evening work. The quilt top is looking fabulous!

  7. It will be so stunning when you are done. Go Girl!

  8. Nice work Kyle. There are a lot of grapes and other small pieces in those borders but it will be so beautiful when all stitched.

  9. I don't applique, but that does look like a LOT of tedious stuff to get to what you consider the fun part. I applaud your decision and effort to forge ahead. Doesn't it feel good to have plowed through the mind-numbing part, broken down the barrier that had you stalled and now be on the thrilling ride to a finish? It is a gorgeous quilt. Dawn creates the most wonderful replica patterns, doesn't she? And you do such beautiful work!

  10. Wow--I can totally understand why that ended up in a tote for a while--yikes! It looks like you have quite an adventure ahead, but it will be so beautiful and worth it in the end!

  11. I hear you about the grapes! This will be a fantastic border for your lovely quilt. Yes, I agreee you are now at the fun part :0)

  12. I know just what you mean! So happy to hear you will have miles of wonderful applique in your future. So fa, so beautiful!

  13. Wowzers! What a huge undertaking to get back to work on this beautiful quilt - I can totally understand why it was just a bit overwhelming to tackle those borders! Looks like you have a pool table to spread your big projects out on? I bet that's a huge help! I like to listen to audio books when I do stuff like this - what about you?

  14. Wowzers! What a huge undertaking to get back to work on this beautiful quilt - I can totally understand why it was just a bit overwhelming to tackle those borders! Looks like you have a pool table to spread your big projects out on? I bet that's a huge help! I like to listen to audio books when I do stuff like this - what about you?

  15. It's a wonderful work Kyle! I like a lot to do applique and hand sewing. This will be a fantastic border to your quilt

  16. Prepping those borders is a big undertaking.
    Congratulations on getting it all worked out!
    Your top is gorgeous and I know your borders will be too.
    Wishing you much enjoyment and great success on the completion of your applique' borders!

  17. Lol The prep work. Oh the dreaded prep work!! Your border is going to take your wonderful quilt to incredible status so it's well worth the effort. Thank goodness you got the hard part out of the way and now you can play.:)

  18. Doesn't it feel good to have the prep work done now so you can stitch, stitch and stitch!! I fully understand the procrastination but know it's worth it for a beautiful finish!

  19. I agree, love the stitching part, not so keen on the prepping - although stitching that many circles does fill me with some dread! But it will look fantastic once its finished, good luck!

  20. All your prep work will pay off though - borders can present their own challenges but the one on Noah & Matilda will finish off your work beautifully! (Our guild is hosting Dawn later this year - so excited to meet her & hoping Noah & Matilda come along!! )

  21. Oh, Kyle, your quilt will be beautiful after all that work! Thanks for sharing your border prep. I keep forgetting I have Roxanne's Basting Glue so must try it some time.

  22. I sympathise with putting off those berries - but so glad you've gone ahead now! It looks beautiful and the border is going to be so well worth the wait! I find the process of applique not at all as 'mind numbing' but very much as 'mind calming' and we all need that:)

  23. Wow, that is a lot of prep work, but it will truly be worth it in the end. I can't wait to watch this vine grow all around the quilt.

  24. Oh come on Kyle ! I know it's a repetitive work but I know too you will be proud of your work !
    Your blocks are just awesome !!

  25. You know, I like doing the prep. Maybe even more than the sewing, which would explain a few things! But anyway, the grape vines will be totally worth it, and, it will be gorgeous when it's all done. Happy stitching!

  26. Ya dun good!! Sometimes we have to do the dull and boring to get to the good bits........

  27. I emjoy applique but not the prep so much. I just do a little at a time to avoid going bonkers so I can greatly appreciate why you put this border off and what-all you are going through prior to the fun part! :)

  28. It looking fantastic! Worth the effort. I did a few grapes every morning and before you know's a cluster. The clusters start to add up and...well, you get the picture. You will be happy it is out of the tote!

  29. I loved seeing your prep process - we are all so different.
    Yay now is the fun fun part! What a lovely project and so worth your time and effort!

  30. I think we started commenting on each other's blogs back when the Noah and Matilda patterns were available month after month. I'm a slug. My patterns are saved, fabrics were chosen, and I haven't gone any further. Intentions were great, action was nil.
    Just look at your top! Blocks done, the tedious prep well underway for the border, and your quilt is looking great! Well done, Kyle.