Wednesday, March 9, 2016


 A few weeks ago I
bought a bunch of daffodils.

It made me feel like spring was just around the corner.
Don't you love daffodils.

(And Yes, I remind myself, that
March is suppose to be snowiest month of the year
here in Colorado.)
 Yellow is a color I like to wear in the summer,
but I don't have much of it in my house.
It's a wonderful color.
It reminds me of happiness,
energy, and joy, but
it generally isn't the star in a quilt.
Doreen over at 
posted some instructions for a Triple Irish Chain quilt
using a jelly roll.  

I had always wanted to make an Irish Chain
and I had always wanted to make a yellow and white quilt.
Why wait.
Perfect timing.
It's interesting the affects a bouquet of daffodils can have
on you.

Doreen's instructions were great and I
opted to do the largest version  82" x 82".
The quilt went together as slick as butter.
I reversed the placement of the typical background and the dark pieces.
It didn't make much difference in the blocks with the  2" squares,
but it made the large squares my daffodil yellow.

Recently, I've been sewing with smaller pieces
and doing a lot of hand work.
I found this so much fun.
It was quick and easy in comparison and
nice just to sit at my machine and sew.

 Working with solids is always a challenge for me.
The quilt top can appear flat and uninteresting,
especially with a lower contrast, like the white and yellow.

Then I remind myself that it's the quilting that
will bring it to life.
I just have to be patient and wait.


Has come to town
With a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown.

Happy Spring!

 Until Next Time-


  1. This quilt will be stunning and so happy when the quilting is done! Beautiful.

  2. I love it! You are so right - it is absolutely springy! The triple Irish Chain is lovely. I do a lot of hand piecing and it is lovely to just sit and stitch on the sewing machine. I love squares - they behave so well. You did a fabulous job.

  3. Stunning! But then yellow is my favorite color so you can't go wrong! Love the Daffy-down Dilly. Haven't heard it for years!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!! Well done, Kyle! I hate to say it...:o) but my daffodils are in full bloom and I am enjoying each and every one of them!! SPRING is here on Vancouver Island!! Hang in's just around the corner!

  5. Love this quilt top, so many nice big squares to show off your quilting motifs! Love daffodils - my favorite flower. Many years ago when my kids were little we lived in Alaska and one of the supermarkets would fly in truckloads of daffodils every February, sold for $1 a bunch, just to remind everyone that winter would not last forever. My very first "real" quilt was an appliqued medallion quilt with daffodils.

  6. Daffodils are such a happy flower, and I think you captured their feeling of hope and joy beautifully in this quilt! I have never thought of doing yellow and white, but it is very refreshing. Nice work--I like the reverse value placement, too. : )

  7. A double Irish chain ! Wow .... great work and the yellow is unusual for this pattern ! I love it !
    You've done a beautiful quilt Kyle ! Congrats !

  8. I do love daffodils. When I lived in Oregon I would see them growing alongside the road where I walked! Loved it. Your quilt is a very sunny, happy quilt. The quilting texture will make it a fantastic addition to your collection.:)

  9. Wonderful sunny colour choices!! It seems like yesterday that you mentioned wanting to make this quilt and now you have a finished top. I wonder how you will quilt it? Happy spring days!

  10. You whipped that up super fast - beautiful! and I agree - the quilting will bring it to life! Daffodils are a favourite with me too:)

  11. Your quilt top turned out Fabulous!
    Such a beautiful color combination and I really like the reverse placement.
    I'm sure this quilt will look amazing after it's been quilted.
    I too love daffodils and enjoyed the little poem you shared with us...always such fun to read your posts.

  12. That's just so bright and cheerful! It really does say Spring.

  13. Gosh, this will be really splendid and cheerful once you get it all quilted and put into use. I just grin when I think how it will light up some lucky room! Love it. :D

  14. Here's hoping the snow misses you this year. I love your quilt. Your yellow is the perfect choice. Hugs

  15. Like a breath of spring air - it will be like floating on a bed of daffodils!!

  16. I think some applique on those large yellow square areas would be a delightful addition. My first thought was daffodils but they wouldn't show unless you used a deep yellow and black floss around the edges. Oh well, there goes my idea after all.

  17. Yep, the quilting will definitely bring this quilt to life - your piecing is SO perfect! Every single seam matches up - I love this classic design and in those colors it makes me think of sunshine!

  18. Wow, I love the yellow in this quilt it’s so soft and spring looking. Great work.

  19. Beautiful daffs and a great quilt. Love that you've reversed the background for the yellow. Wonder how you'll quilt it?

  20. What a soft and pretty combination of fabrics! Such a classic pattern - the solids will show the quilting fabulously :0)

  21. You just gave me a serious dose of Spring fever! lol! Your quilt is beautiful and even looks like sunshine! Love that Daffy-Down-Dilly picture and quote too! Yep... it's going to be an energetic weekend ahead! :-)

  22. That didn't take long at all :) It's beautiful in yellow and white and so spring-y. Looking forward to seeing it quilted. Thanks for the memory of Daffy-Down-Dilly!

  23. What a happy springy top! I had planned to sew along with Auntie Reen, but didn't find time to squeeze it in. I still hope to do one though. I look forward to seeing yours quilted!

  24. Happy spring! The yellow and white quilt seems to be promising that winter is done for this year. I hope so. Very pretty!

  25. Looks perfect for a sunny happy quilt. Looking forward to seeing how you decide to finish it. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I always love your thoughtful posts - I adore daffodils they are such a wonderful spring flower.
    Your quilt along is great in yellow and white - there is some sort of color theory there, but I don't know the rule.
    snow and butter - what a great combination.
    thanks for the lovely poem and picture, I'd never heard it before.

  27. What a lovely Irish chain quilt, I like the colors. Greetings