Monday, August 24, 2015

School Bells

If I listened closely this morning
I could almost here the school bells

 ringing in the distance.

It's that time of year again
and I've been spending time over
in Mrs. W's 4th Grade classroom Here

  Doesn't she look excited?
She is!
It's a new batch of kiddos and 
there's lots of fun learning ahead.

We've been decorating bulletin boards

making it a fun and encouraging place.

Eager nervous students
are all their places with 
 bright happy faces.

It's going to be a fun year.
Thank you to all the teachers who 
work so hard
shaping the future and believing in our children.
You have been blessed with a special gift.

 Until Next Time-


  1. Her room is just beautiful! My DIL is a is to a wonderful year!

  2. Love setting up a classroom! Looks like the kids in her class are very lucky!

  3. Oh fun! Last fall I was able to help my DIL set up her new classroom - my favorite part was doing to bulletin boards. She isn't teaching now with the baby due in four weeks, but maybe someday I'll get to do it again. This classroom looks so fun and inviting! I'm personally glad that school started today - the boy next door enjoyed his music all summer with the bass turned up really loud! I could never hear the music - just the thump, thump, thump - ARGH!

  4. What a great Classroom ! You both decorated it SO fun for the kids!

  5. Amen! School a teachers are the best!

  6. Yes!! Teachers are treasure. So important. Wishing your DD a fantastic year.

  7. Cute designs and an inspiring classroom for the kids!

  8. Yes, I can hear those school bells ringing. Grateful for teachers

  9. What a great post. Teachers are such an inportant part of our community.

  10. I spy lots of creativity in that classroom.

  11. I know you're proud of her. My daughter-in law teaches elementary music, and I love going to visit her school.

  12. Lucky students to have such a creative and passionate teacher!
    Her classroom looks like a FUN place to be!

  13. Those students are going to have a great school year!

  14. The beginning of a new school year is such an exciting time! I hope your daughter has a great year! Her classroom looks so inviting and fun.