Friday, August 14, 2015

Ewe and Me...Done!

 I wish I could say I've been as
busy as a
instead I've been more like a

I've talked about snails before,
I must have a subconscious love affair.

I finally finished my 
Ewe and Me quilt that was
started in January, 2014
as the quilt of the year on
The Quilt Show.

You have seen it before in various states, 
but now it's officially done.

Janet Stone designed the pattern.
I had my wonderful machine quilter, Kathy,
quilt the majority of it back in Feb.

In March I added 
the quilting to the individual blocks 
representing each letter.

I did the Log Cabin,
the backgrounds and 
borders were done by Kathy.

 I wanted to add my 
interpretation to the blocks,

but I couldn't wrestle doing the whole thing.

 I used a line of  Sandy Gervais fabric
that I had been holding on to (hoarding)
for about 15-16 years!

But I do have to admit,
it worked up pretty good in this pattern.

So the quilt has been done since March.  
It's just been waiting for the binding.
So I waited until the hottest day of the summer

and finally got it stitched down.
It seems that the snail
and I might have a lot
in common, not too smart.

 Until Next Time-


  1. How sweet! Janet's colors are normally so bold that it is a delight to see it in a different light (pardon the pun). I just love the softness and your quilting additions are super. Thanks for sharing it. And if you are a snail this summer, I must be a slug!

  2. What a beautiful quilt you've made with your treasured (not hoarded!) Sandy Gervais fabrics! I love the quilting you've added to make it special.

  3. Lovely quilt...and it shows that team work pays off!! What?... another hoarder in the crowd? (I seriously think it's a Quilters' thing....)hahah

  4. Your choice of these beautiful fabrics made this quilt just amazing! Love, it! Have a great weekend!

  5. The colors in this quilt are so soft looking - fun to look at. And it's very clever of you to mix up the quilting the way you did. Binding is my favorite part of making a quilt - the feeling of accomplishment and sense of completion I just love.

  6. Its funny how inspiration strikes at the most inappropriate time! At least it is done, finished, another UFO crossed off the list and it looks wonderful, but I hope you treated yourself to a big ice coffee or similar to cool down after you got this large quilt off your lap! So nice that you finally got to use that fabrics that you love so much.

  7. Your quilt turned out truly gorgeous, so soft and just inviting a snuggle. Your quilting accents in each block are just perfect and add lots of interest to the whole. Good idea to have the major bulk of the quilting done by your friend, it gets so tedious wrestling one of these big quilts through a small machine.

  8. I really like the way your quilt turned out. What a good idea to share the quilting.

  9. You've used such soft, pretty fabrics. I love the quilting you added - especially the flowers :0)

  10. This quilt turned out beautifully! I love the idividual quilting you added to each block!

  11. Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful quilt!! I love the soft colours, and the different quilting in the blocks really adds that special touch. Being a snail isn't a bad thing at all, they're smart enough not to rush around.

  12. This quilt turned out wonderful! I love the colors and the wonderful stitch work you added to each of the letters.
    Such a darling quilt, congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  13. I really like the way yout quilt turned out. Congratulations!

  14. Your quilt is wonderful! It was nice to see al the details up close - lovely stitching

  15. I love the soft colors--so pretty in this quilt! I think it's a good idea to be a snail when it's so hot!