Friday, August 7, 2015

A Dibby Dabby Sewing Week

 Some people will say they are having leftovers for dinner.
We call it having a dibby dabby dinner.
Which in essence is having leftovers for dinner,
but some how it just sounds more fun.

This past week my sewing time has been 
like having a dibby dabby dinner,
working on a lot of leftovers.

I'll call this photo
"Reclining on pool table".
my polka dot dresden is all done, pressed
and laying on the pool table along
 with the backing and batting.
Now I'm just waiting for a
phone call from my machine quilter.

I bought this kit
in May and look it's only August!

I've pulled out the fabrics and
have started cutting.

I've gotten behind (again) in
Barbara Brackman's
"Stars in a Time Warp"

I have been trying to find appropriate fabrics,
but just haven't had time to sew,
maybe next week.

With a dibby dabby dinner
some of the dabbies can look better
than other Tupperware hidden morsels.

In this case,
I have been having the most fun stitching
the Halloween Mystery Blocks
from the ThimbleCreek Quilts.

 I have been watching Karen at
Moose Bay Muses  having all the fun
making these 6 inch blocks
and then decided I would have fun too.

 Tons of sewing for
such small blocks.
 All you have to do to get the patterns
or purchase a kit,
is to head over
to ThimbleCreek Quilts and
sign up for their newsletter.

 Each Tuesday a new clue is sent out.
 I have tons of
Halloween fabrics/Fall fabrics
 that should be used.
So hopefully, this project
will be some what of a Stashbuster!

Like a dibby dappy dinner
it doesn't look like much has been done
this past week,
but it's a good way to get
"the frig cleaned out once again."

Until Next Time-


  1. Great post and wonderful projects. I LOVE the Dresden Plate quilt with polka dots! Halloween Mystery Blocks look like fun and your stars look great :)

  2. Oh my...where to start! Your Dresden is DDG!! (drop dead gorgeous!!) Your kit...I want to lift that lid and savour those fabrics...I have this pattern and it's on the Bucket List so will be following along on this one very closely! And your blocks...swoon!! Lovely!!

  3. That polka dot dresden quilt is fun and so cheerful, can just see it on a young granddaughter's bed! The new collection kit looks right up my alley but must finish a few projects first before even thinking about buying more fabric. All in all looks like you've had a good dibby dabby week!

  4. I love all your dibs and dabs :0) The Thimblecreek blocks are marvelous - Karen is a terrible temptress I know! I LOVE your Dresden plate quilt - I hope you machine quilter calls soon - what a gorgeous quilt it will be!

  5. The Millbrook quilt is one I have found very tempting. I found a free pattern online and saved it but hoping to forget about it. I still have some quilt kits that tempted me that have not been finished. And some not started.

  6. Oh I don't know, dibby dabby seems to be an excellent way to get a whole lot done all of a sudden!:) Your Dresden quilt is looking marvelous. Very summertime fun!

  7. Lots of really cute projects especially the Dresden.

  8. I love your dibby dabby's!!! Gorgeous post!!

  9. Wow you are pumping out blocks this week! I love the finished Dresden quilt and look forward to seeing it after the LAQ works her magic. The basket and stars kit looks gorgeous, such a pretty pattern. I have been following Barbara Brackman but not making the blocks as my fabric collection isnt big enough, but it is very interesting and I have learned a lot.

  10. Love your 'left overs' and it looks like a lot of 'cooking' was done to produce them! Your Dresdens are going to be so beautiful quilted up - a stunning top!

  11. I love your term for leftovers for dinner. : )
    What a very fun Dresden! How can you not smile when you look at it?
    Those mystery blocks look very involved. Can't wait to see how this one plays out.

  12. what fun fun halloween blocks. I love your dibby dabby name. Our family called it "catch can" catch what you can for dinner.
    Your polkadot dresden quilt is so so fun and happy!!
    I too am waiting for a little time to do my stars too. - what photo program do you use? love that you can add text

  13. Wow, that Dresden came together really quickly - love it! And those Halloween blocks are to die for. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  14. What a fabulous Dresden plate quilt - I can't wait to see if when you get it back from your machine quilter. And I just love your dibbies and dabbies ... YUM!

  15. Your dresden top looks fabulous!
    Wow, I love those Halloween mystery blocks - you have my curiosity going now on how this will finish!
    You certainly have some wonderful leftovers... (grin)

  16. Congratulations on finishing your Dresden top! I love those Mystery block. Only 6", lots of little pieces there! I am looking forward to seeing that kit turned into a quilt.

  17. Those Dresdens are adorable-- love all the dots! It looks like you are having fun with the Thimble Creek blocks too--your Halloween stash is great--cool blocks!