Friday, October 31, 2014

Might As Well Bake

 Sometimes when you sew
 it all goes perfectly.
 O Happy Day!

The next day,
it can be totally different.
What's going on?!#*
What do you do?

On days like that I just walk away
and bake.
 O Happy Day!

My daughter, the teacher, needed
treats for the teacher's lounge this week.
Who doesn't like cupcakes? 
So I knew it was time to bake.
I had seen the recipe over
and knew I wanted to try it.

I love Lizzy's ideas because she generally 
starts with a cake mix and doctors it up
by adding good things like 
buttermilk and sour cream.

I started by taking Oreo cookies apart 
and decorating the half without the filling with
white chocolate lettering and edible glitter.

The other half of the cookie
 got placed at the bottom of
the cupcake liner and
the cake batter poured on top.
There's some extra goodness!

I made the cream cheese frosting light green.
I didn't want the teachers walking
around all day with their mouths tinted green.

Then the tombstones were added
to make a fun Halloween treat.

I heard they were a super hit.
A chocolate cupcake
with butter cream frosting,
and a hidden Oreo cookie,
what's not to love.
Happy Halloween.
  Until Next Time-


  1. Now that's creative baking. Did you save me a cupcake?

  2. Sounds delicious! And very cute too.

  3. Oh Yum!! I could eat one of those right now!! I bet they were popular!

  4. love those vintage photos - yummy looking cupcakes!

  5. Happy Halloween! I am sure your cupcakes were a hit, so creative and they look tastey.
    Hope the little ones enjoyed their costumes.

  6. the cup cakes look wonderful! I bet they were delicious. I love your vintage photos!

  7. I just came across your blog and am laughing. I am either Lucy or the Baker...very seldom the first lady. HA HA loved it.

  8. Those cupcakes sound so delicious!