Thursday, October 9, 2014

Listen to the Rhythm

 All week I have been trying to think
of something interesting to write about.

I've been a bachlorette for the past 5 days,
so I was using this time
 to work on a number of projects
without too many interruptions, except
for the ones I created for myself.

But as much as I thought I would actually
finish something, it didn't happened.

Instead, I found myself doing more
prepping than anything else, 
which is not too exciting or clever to write about.

I kept hearing rhythms in my head.
Quilters rhythms like,

 prep, prep, fuse,
A-Z with Ewe and Me
Finally the borders.

 I was also hearing
cut, cut, sew a little,

I wanted to use some of the leftover fabrics
 from the A-Z with Ewe and Me sampler
 in the Falling Charms pattern from the 
Missouri Quilt Co. that
Paulette was using for a baby quilt, 
(I'm making two different sizes)
I had to make a few more nine patches to go
with the ones I'll be getting in the mail soon
from the nine patch swap that Barb organized.
 How about
trace, trace, cut
(more Noah and Matilda blocks)
I had to recut two of the blocks from
last month because I left them on the AIRPLANE!
pin, pin, sew together.
The Home for the Holidays quilt

Today, though, I will be doing something
very interesting.
I'm attending Ricky Tim's Quilt Seminar
with guest appearances with Alex Anderson.
So maybe next week,
I might be quilting to a whole new rhythm.
Who knows.

  Until Next Time-


  1. Oh, Ricky Tims does a wonderful program. I do not know about a seminar with him. A number of years ago, he did a class or two for a quilt guild I belonged to but I was not able to attend. I did attend the guild program. Part of the program he played the piano with a quilt slide program. It was wonderful. I took a two day class with Alex Anderson about 20 years ago. Very good.
    I very much like the A-Z quilt you have in the works.

  2. I do love your A-Z quilt, and of course all your projects are amazing!! It is fun, sometimes, to just have the quiet and the time to just prep, and quietly sew a stitch or two. enjoy!

  3. Your Home for the Holidays has spurred me on to get out the pattern...and assemble the fabrics!! Yours is wonderful!! You and Tim have fun today!!

  4. I like all of the projects! Have fun enjoying Ricky and Alex!

  5. Your A-Z quilt is so soft and pretty. I love it!
    Oh, how sad to have left a couple of your applique blocks on a plane. I'll bet that was a frustrating discovery!
    Sounds like you are going to have a very good time. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

  6. I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting Ricky & Alex - I'd jump at the chance to do that! Did you call the lost & found for the airline about the quilt block ingredients you left behind? That is a sad, sad thing! All your projects are so nice - and I like that there's such a variety! I used to love hunting season cuz hubby would be gone for a week and I was free to do what I wanted WHEN I wanted - heavenly - but he doesn't hunt anymore - sigh. Looks like you're making good use of your time and getting a lot accomplished - even if there are no finishes it's still progress toward that end.

  7. good for you! I feel that prepping is a slow and not so glamourous process, but so necessary.
    What a cute pattern that Alphabet is! I love the different borders.
    hopefully you'll get the nine patches soon -
    enjoy the seminar!

  8. Your words are music to my ears because all I am hearing in my house is clean, pack and sort!

  9. I love those sewing jobs that have a rhythm. You work on such lovely projects. I can only hope the 2 blocks you left on the plane somehow made their way to a quilter. I love that cactus block!! Looking forward to hearing about Ricky Tims seminar, I love Alex Anderson, I listened to all her podcasts a while ago and even though they were a couple of years old they were really enjoyable.

  10. I can relate - prepping doesn't make for very exciting blogging but somehow you managed it. Just looking at your picture of the Noah and Matilda blocks all prepped makes me want to reach for my handwork bag. It looks like you are making great progress on your Home for the Holidays :0)

  11. I can't believe you left your blocks on the airplane! That is awful.:) Love how you describe the prepping. It really does have a rhythm all its own.

  12. So many great projects in progress! Sorry about the two blocks left on the plane. That quilt is looking fabulous!

  13. great projects in the works, oK love that you had a lot of prepping during the week, ah I feel the same way this week. not much to show but a lot got done behind the scenes!!!!
    I love the Noah and matilda blocks thats on my list to do too! love seeing yours.