Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to "Normal"

After being on vacation it always
takes a few days to get back to "normal".

That definitely means 
a trip to the grocery, and then
checking the garden and
finding that all those
 green tomatoes have now ripened. 
Got them peeled, cut up,
and thrown into some freezer bags. 
It also means finishing up
a commitment to my daughter, 
the 4th grade teacher.
I've been researching and labeling 
all of her personal classroom library books
with the reading level and a point system.
It's been about 400+ books.
All finished.
But  despite settling back into the routine,
I did squeak in a bit of sewing time.

 Nothing too exciting,
a lot of chain piecing
in order, to finally to get the blocks done 
for this quilt.
But while I was gone,
and the tomatoes were ripening,
my machine quilter, Karen A.

did this

 and this.
Just a couple peeks
 until I get the binding on.
Hopefully, that will happen next week.

Until Next Time-


  1. That's it!! You have given me the kick in the pants that I needed!! I have got to get out my Home for the Holidays Pattern and get cracking on this quilt!! I love it!! And your finished quilt looks wonderful ... and oh the quilting!! The icing on this cake!!

  2. love your new quilt start! wow lots of tomatoes, love homegrown tomatoes just taste so much better :)
    omg your quilt looks amazing, you must be so thrilled to having it done, WOW!!! so proud of you.
    nice of you to help the teacher…..even if she is your DD! Kathie

  3. Your tomatoes are beautiful. I had to pick mine all green a few weeks ago and they are all ripe now. I am eating them as fast as I can and I love it :0) What a sneak peak! I can't wait to see the full reveal! Enjoy your chain piecing!

  4. I always forget that I can freeze tomatoes instead of canning them! Very exciting to see the quilting done on your beautiful quilt! Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy helping out your daughter. That's got to be a huge help to her.:)

  5. Your tomatoes look so luscious!! I'll be planting some soon, I hope I get a crop yours. That's a lot of books to sort through. It's a lovely gift of time to give your daughter. I bet it was exciting to see your quilt with the wonderful quilting on it! I know we're in for a treat when you unveil it.

  6. How exciting to have your quilting done! Can't wait to see the final reveal! Wonderful crop of tomatoes - they look so healthy. I've given up on growing them as they get destroyed by birds, possums or smaller critters...

  7. Those tomatoes look really good! How wonderful to do that for your daughter. Your quilt is coming along nicely!

  8. Congratulations and a new near finish. DD and her students will enjoy and appreciate your efforts. Teachers are special!
    Looks like you might be thinking Christmas?

  9. wow - you have been busy! I love sorting and labeling so the book project looks like fun to me.
    Your quilting looks great -
    what color binding?

  10. We got home on Wednesday afternoon and I've been steadily unpacking, washing, preparing for company, etc. No sewing at all and in fact I haven't even unpacked the few quilting goodies I bought. Next week for sure though. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Uh, ah, cannot wait to see the big reveal!

  12. Those tomatoes look delicious. Can’t wait for the big reveal.

  13. Such lovely tomatoes from your garden! Wonderful of you to help your daughter with her class library.
    O.M.Gosh.... just the little peek your quilt is beyond amazing! I am really looking forward to seeing the Big Finish!