Monday, July 7, 2014

I Want To, But...And a Winner

Since I got home on Wednesday,
it has been blistery hot.
I've been able to spend a little 
time in my sewing room,
which fortunately, is in the 
coolest part of the house.

But although I long to be sewing 
something on my machine,
I've tried to stay focused on
all of the hand applique I'm currently
working on.

I keep reminding myself
how close these panels are 
to being finished.

So instead I appeased myself
and sewed two bindings.
Oh, look.
I just created more hand work!
Thank you everyone who took the 
time last week to share what projects
you're working on during the summer.
I always have bigger plans than
time will allow, but that's okay too.

Now for the winner of my 
"Softly Spoken" fat quarters
designed by Harriet Hargrave
for Marcus Fabrics.

Running Man
randomly selected
Nancy of
The Tattered Garden Quilting.
Thanks again everyone.

Until Next Time-


  1. Congrats to Nancy, and congrats to you for staying focused!

  2. Congratulations to Nancy! Sometimes it's hard to stay on track isn't it?

  3. Must be my lucky day.
    Thanks Kyle, I am looking forward to working some of these beautiful fabrics into my Auntie Green quilt.
    Your Roseville Album is looking good, a few stitches everyday and before too long you will have this quilt together.

  4. I was studying your fabrics. The squirrel's tail is an interesting choice. Works well.
    Are you complaining about the heat? I guess you are used to the cool weather in your part of the world.

  5. Congratulations to Nancy. Sewing binding on is a productive distraction, it's such pretty pink binding too. I like hand sewing in summer so I can sit in an air conditioned room.

  6. Congratulations to Nancy! I sure like your fabric choices on your panel! It looks like you are making good progress. It is easy to get distracted with other projects!

  7. I just love the colourful birds and squirrels in your border panel - fabulous!! Keep on going Kyle!!

  8. Love Harriet's new line - congrats to,your winner Nancy!
    LOVE your critters willing those naked'll be done before you know it!
    We hot 99 yesterday and had a storm late in the day. Good indoor stitching weather.

  9. your panel looks amazing. I love the mix of prints you are using